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Accident scenes can easily lead to additional car accidents.

These types of accidents present dangers to drivers on the road who aren’t even involved in the original accident. There are some ways that you can help to minimize your chances of being involved in an accident that results from the wreckage caused by a crash that already occurred.

Clear the lane.

Accident Scenes are Hazardous
Accident Scenes are Hazardous

One of the first parts of a car crash emergency response will be ambulances, police units and other rescue personnel trying to clear the lane so that the flow of traffic can be restored. This inevitably means that traffic will be backed up for a while, as one of the lanes will be obstructed and traffic will have to be shifted over to the others. In some cases, police officers will even have to route traffic along the shoulders of the road or off of exit ramps before the accident site to avoid further collisions.
In these situations, the most important thing you need to remember is that you have to slow down as soon as you see trouble. There are those drivers on the freeway who will try to maintain their freeway speed until they come right on to the accident. Even if these drivers are acting impatient with you, you have to obey the emergency personnel and the traffic directions given by police, not the whims of the drivers who feel resentful because they are obstructed.

Watch behind and alongside.

When traffic is backed up due to an accident, there is an increased risk that you’re going to have people crawl into your blind spot very quickly to try to get by you in another lane or that you’re going to have people come up on you so fast that they end up rear ending your vehicle. Use extra caution in these situations. Keep a sharp eye out for traffic coming up alongside you and be wary of cars coming up behind you too quickly. One mistake could lead to a chain-reaction car crash.
If somebody injures you or damages your vehicle – or both – because they failed to obey emergency personnel and to reduce their speed or change their direction of travel to avoid the site of a collision, consider contacting a car accident lawyer. Taking such actions and causing you to come to harm may well constitute negligence and you may be entitled to compensation from a jury award or settlement because of that.

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