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Baby brain damage can occur for many different reasons. Sometimes the mother has an infection, sometimes something goes wrong in the womb and the child is injured and sometimes something goes wrong because of medical negligence. In any case, baby brain damage could have devastating effects for the infant and their parents. One of the most common outcomes of baby brain damage is cerebral palsy, a condition that causes the muscles to be unevenly toned, difficult to control and that is oftentimes accompanied by learning disabilities.
One of the most frustrating things about brain injuries in infants is that they can be very hard to detect. Most often, when a child does have cerebral palsy, it becomes apparent when they failed to reach milestones of development. For example, because cerebral palsy makes it difficult for children to control their muscles, they’re usually late rolling over and performing other feats of strength and coordination. In some cases, doctors will suspect that something is wrong and will order scans and tests that will detect whether or not the brain has been damaged. If it has, the extent of the brain damage and the nature of the brain damage will determine the ultimate consequences.
Cerebral palsy comes in different forms. Quite often, however, one individual will have more than one form of cerebral palsy. For example, an individual may have the symptoms of both ataxic cerebral palsy and dyskinetic cerebral palsy. The forms of cerebral palsy are characterized by the way they affect the individual who has. Ataxic cerebral palsy, for instance, is known to cause a very shaky gait in individuals who suffer with. it A child with CP may have this form of cerebral palsy and another form that causes additional difficulties.
If baby brain damage is detected, it’s important to determine why it happened. There are some cases where it’s completely natural and there is absolutely nothing that could have been done to stop it. But, if there was something that could’ve been done, it makes sense to talk to an attorney to see if you can file a lawsuit. For parents facing the high costs of treating an individual who suffers from CP, it makes sense to see if there is compensation available from a jury award or, if the doctor or hospital decides that they don’t want to go to court, a settlement.

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