Birth Injuries to the Mother

Have you suffered a serious injury related to childbirth? We may be able to help you and your family recover compensation.

Injuries to the mother during labor or delivery can be very serious, and sometimes deadly. While it’s true that accidents do occur and not every injury can be prevented, certain types of birth-related injuries are 100% attributed to malpractice.

Dallas Birth-Related Injury Attorney
Injuries to the Mother During Childbirth

Childbirth is a stressful event for all involved: for the family waiting for the baby to arrive, anxiety and emotions run high. For the mother, panic and pain intertwine, and for the unborn baby, a new and alien world awaits. While the vast majority of deliveries go relatively smoothly, what is a family to do following a serious birth-related injury?

Doctors have to monitor both the mother and baby’s vital signs at all times during labor, and make sure that any anomalies are addressed and mitigated in a timely manner. If a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional fails in their duty to provide treatment that falls within accepted standards of practice in the medical community and this results in an injury, by law, they have committed medical malpractice and open themselves up to a lawsuit.

Evidence isn’t easy to find if you’re not working with an experienced Texas birth injury attorney, so it is important to choose your legal representative carefully by asking the right questions.

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Common causes of birth injuries to the mother.

As a soon-to-be mother, you expect doctors presiding over your delivery to be professionals who know what they are doing. While certain types of injuries to the mother are a foreseeable risk, others should never be allowed to occur in the first place. Some of the most-common malpractice-related injuries tend to be caused or preceded by the following:

  1. Failure to accurately interpret and monitor vitals during labor.
  2. The use of forceps and vacuum pumps to forcefully birth the baby.
  3. The use of Pitocin to induce strong reactions.
  4. Mishandling of the placenta, leading to massive bleeding.
  5. Lack of experience or plain negligence on the delivery doctor’s part.
  6. Failure to treat prenatal complications or infections in a timely manner.
  7. Ruptured uterus.
  8. An improperly performed cesarean section.

Serious injuries related to childbirth.

  • Pre-eclampsia, whereby untreated high blood pressure leads to damage to organs in the mother’s body. Since it starts at around the 20th week of pregnancy, it is important that presiding prenatal doctors treat it immediately to avert complications such as blood vessel and heart diseases, placental abruption, and elevated liver enzymes.
  • Postpartum hemorrhage, whereby one can bleed out to the point of wrongful death if not treated in a timely manner.
  • Tears and fissures due to improper or forceful labor can lead to the formation of holes between tissue, leading to infections and bacteremia (the spreading of bacteria to one’s bloodstream) which can have fatal results if not properly identified and treated.

The importance of hiring a birth injury attorney.

Birth injuries to the mother are catastrophic and affect all family members.  Affected individuals also have to contend with further treatment, bed rest, rehabilitation and the loss of enjoyment of life—all of which can be quite costly and taxing.

It should not be on the victim to “suck it up” and suffer financially due to the negligent actions of someone else, and this is where we can help. Birth injury cases can be very complex and difficult to bring in Texas, but Rasansky Law Firm has considerable experience in this field (see our past case results), and can give you your best chance at a successful claim. It costs nothing out of pocket to hire us, as our firm only works on contingency. We invite you to give us a call today at (214) 651-6100 for your free and confidential consultation.

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