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Legal Definition of Damages

Damages and expenses associated with cerebral palsy, and what you’re allowed to sue for.

About 10,000 babies a year will develop cerebral palsy in the U.S. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes adds that the average lifetime “cost” of cerebral palsy will total almost one million dollars, and that’s not even counting hospital, ER or residential care.
While cases of CP occurring is tragic enough, the idea that a doctor could have prevented such a birth injury from taking place is all the more devastating. Wrong Diagnosis states that an average of 1,129 medical malpractice cases related to obstetrics are paid each year.
You may wonder why the doctor can be held responsible for something like cerebral palsy or erbs palsy, considering that most cases involving cerebral palsy are no one’s fault. CP is the result from brain damages, so the real question is: why did your child sustain a brain injury? Some of the most common forms of medical mistakes that can result in a baby suffering a birth injury that can lead to cerebral palsy include:

Do you have questions about damages for cerebral palsy children? How much should you expect to get if you file for a birth injury lawsuit? First, you have to take into account medical expenses, both past and future. Then you have to consider any additional costs such as physical therapy or continuing healthcare. You can also expect compensation for lost future wages for the grown child as well as pain and suffering. Most importantly, you will need to consult with a cerebral palsy lawyer as soon as you can
According to the Dayton News a Montgomery County jury recently awarded a Piqua girl with severe cerebral palsy and her parents an $8.7 million judgment placed against the mother’s obstetrician.
Remember that cerebral palsy is a life-long disability. While $8.7 million may seem like overpayment from a hospital’s perspective, it’s hard not to see the plight of the parents of the injured child. They trusted the medical facility to provide the utmost care and were disappointed. A baby that suffers from CP will never reach full capacity in his lifetime. It’s hard to put a price on human life, but at the same time, it’s hard to imagine waiving a doctor or hospital of all legal liability because of a negligent accident.
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