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Cerebral palsy doesn’t always mean that someone ends up with severe mental impairments. There are certainly cases, however, where that is the reality that the sufferer has to deal with. There are also variable effects where physical disability is concerned. One CP sufferer may be able to walk on their own and others will have to use a wheelchair full-time. There are several different resources out there that you can turn to so that your child has a rich life.

Advocacy Organizations

United Cerebral Palsy is probably the best-known advocacy organization out there for people with CP. Finding organizations such as this one is a great way to make sure that you give your child plenty of opportunities to make connections with other people with CP. These organizations also make it easy for you to make connections with other parents.


There are plenty of websites out there with good information about Cerebral Palsy. Before you start feeling overwhelmed, make sure you check these websites for information. Sometimes, forums where other parents gather and information that’s put out specifically for families with a child who has cerebral palsy can be very useful,
Remember to look for resources at your child’s school, as well, when they’re old enough to start. There are often a variety of activities for people with disabilities, and schools go out of their way to make sure that general events are accessible to everyone. If your child feels like they’re excluded from something because of a disbility, make sure you talk to someone at the school about accommodating them. If there is a field trip, for instance, make sure that the places the class is going are all handicapped accessible and make arrangements if they’re not.
CP doesn’t mean being excluded for the people who suffer from it. Some people with CP will barely seem like they have any medical issues at all and will live very normal lives. Some people with CP require constant medical care. At those extremes and everywhere in between, parents don’t have to assume that CP means a life of not being included in activities or with other people.
If you believe that medical negligence contributed to your child’s cerebral palsy, contact a cerebral palsy attorney. Only a Texas CP lawyer will know the specifics of Texas law as it relates to medical negligence and cerebral palsy in infants.

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