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Cerebral palsy can result in very expensive treatments. There may also be a need to purchase equipment to assist the child, such as wheelchairs, crutches, hearing aids and more. The doctor visits will also be expensive, of course. All of this means that malpractice birth suits are sometimes the only way that parents caring for a child with CP can hope to get the money they need. A good lawyer can help you to file that lawsuit, and to figure out how much to seek in damages.
Cerebral palsy affects movement, hearing, speech and, sometimes, cognitive development. The disorder comes in several different variations. There are forms of CP that affect the legs specifically and forms that affect the arms. There is also a form called dyskinetic cerebral palsy that, as the name suggests, affects movement of any type. Dealing with any of these injuries is expensive. Your lawyer can help you to calculate how much your child will need to get through life given that these expenses are unavoidable and that your child may well not be able to support themselves. This is one of the hardest parts of putting together these lawsuits.
It’s natural to think that there’s no compensation that can alleviate the pain and suffering your child undergoes. However, there are practical matters to consider. Your child may well need in-home care for their entire life. They may also need frequent medical attention. This all costs money, however difficult it may be otherwise. Your cerebral palsy lawyer will help you to determine how much you should seek. To file a lawsuit, you have to come up with a figure, and it should reflect a realistic assessment of you and your child’s future needs and how you plan on covering them.
Sometimes you can engage the services of a cerebral palsy attorney for no charge. This arrangement may be the best for you if you’re already suffering financial hardships. If they win your case, they get paid. If not, you don’t pay anything. This has the ancillary benefit of providing assurance that your attorney actually does believe in your case when they take it, as they’re taking a considerable financial risk in putting it together. Working together, you and your attorney may be able to get the compensation your child deserves, and needs, due to their injuries.

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