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A birth injury can be so shocking and unexpected that new parents are unsure what to do and what to think. They often turn to friends, family, and online sources to learn more about their situation and what they should do to take action. Unfortunately, some of these parents are misinformed about birth injuries and Texas medical malpractice laws.
Below are a few common birth injury myths, along with a few truths, that you should know if you believe your baby was harmed during labor and delivery.

Myth #1: My baby was just born this way.

One of the most confusing aspects about birth injuries like cerebral palsy is that many health conditions have a number of different causes. One could be caused by the delivery process while another might have taken place in the womb. While it is not good to assume that your baby was injured by the hospital or the medical professionals attending your birth, it is also not good to assume that your baby wasn’t injured by a medical error.

Myth #2: There’s nothing the doctors could have done.

Labor and delivery comes with innate risks – and no one can guarantee that your experience will be smooth or that you or your baby will not have complications. However, it is extremely vital that you don’t shrug off birth injuries or assume that the outcome couldn’t be prevented. Instead, be sure to examine the evidence of your case and speak with experts about your case before closing the book on your delivery experience.

Myth #3: The damage is done – it’s best to just move on.

Thinking about your baby’s birth injury can be extremely painful, and many parents just want to move on from the event and focus on making certain that their child is as healthy as possible. However, many don’t realize that part of making sure your child has a healthy life is making sure that you have the financial ability to cover future medical costs and pay past bills. In many cases, pursuing a birth injury lawsuit may be the best way to ensure your baby gets what he or she needs – and to move on from the incident.
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