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Birth injury claims can be among the most difficult to establish. While your child may have been born with one of the classic symptoms of a birth injury, such as cerebral palsy, it may not be the case that the doctor or other medical staff are to blame for that injury. For that reason, an experienced attorney is always the best option for filing these claims. It requires access to expert resources, knowledge of the nature of these claims and what constitutes a valid one, and real experience in the courtroom.
Because of the fact that not all cerebral palsy in infants is caused by injuries that result from one form of malpractice or another, the attorney will have to go over your case thoroughly. In addition to this, the symptoms of this disorder oftentimes don’t manifest until long after the birth. The stiffness and spasms in the muscles that are characteristic of cerebral palsy may not become apparent until the infant is older and they start to try to walk and do other activities that involve developing their motor skills. The learning disabilities associated with CP are also hard to detect until the child is older.
What is consisted about any type of baby brain damage is that the care required will be expensive and long-term. The child may well require care into adulthood, which opens up a whole host of issues related to having enough money to provide it. A good lawyer with experience in these cases can help to make sure that you’re not left fretting about how you’re going to pay for this care by filing a claim. The claim may be heard in court or it may be settled before you ever see the inside of the courtroom.
Baby injury outcomes can be devastating. When it occurs specifically because something was done incorrectly during the birthing process, you deserve to seek compensation for the expenses that are sure to follow, as well as for you and your child’s pain and suffering. Some cerebral palsy cases are unavoidable, though unfortunate, accidents of birth. This is not true, however, of all cases. If it could have been avoided and if you’ve suffered because it wasn’t, then you should speak with an attorney. Free consultations are frequently offered by attorneys who work in this field, and contingency payment arrangements are very commonly offered.

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