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A good Texas Cerebral Palsy lawyer can help families who have suffered this condition because of medical negligence to get compensation. No cerebral palsy attorney can guarantee that you’ll win, but there are ways to determine whether or not you’re dealing with an attorney that truly has a good chance of getting you compensation.

Knowledge About the Disorder

A good cerebral palsy lawyer will have some substantial knowledge about the disorder itself. This comes from having helped many different families that were affected by the disorder and from their own research. Pay attention to how much your lawyer knows about the condition. There’s no need for them to be experts in medicine, but they should have a good idea about the basics of the disorder, its different types and how they affect families and the individual with CP.

Experience with Cases

It takes more than experience to make a great lawyer, but it is a factor. Remember that a lawyer could have 20 years of experience and no wins! Look for a history of winning claims and, preferably, a long history of winning claims. This tells you that the lawyer has probably faced just about every obstruction that a doctor of healthcare facility can put in your way and has figured out how to work around them. The more your lawyer knows, the better your case is going to go.


Being a lawyer takes more than an ability to win for clients. You also have to understand your clients and be worried about their welfare. After all, a lawyer is their client’s advocate and is charged with arguing passionately for the needs of their clients. This means that having an attorney there to help you and who is really concerned about your family is always preferable to having a good, but dispassionate, attorney. Passionate and compassionate attorneys convince juries more often.
Your lawyer cannot promise you that you’ll win your claim. If you have a very strong claim, the other party may want to offer you a settlement. This is a good arrangement—provided the amount offered is sufficient—as it allows you to avoid paying court fees. If you have a case that requires you to go to court to have it argued, your attorney will represent you at every step along the way and make sure that your interests are argued in a convincing and effective manner to the jury.

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