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Newborn Wrongful Death Lawyer in Dallas

Do you believe medical malpractice is to blame for the death of a newborn child? Call our Dallas lawyers at 1-877-405-4313.

Did you lose a child during or shortly after birth? Do you suspect that medical malpractice played a role? Call Rasansky Law Firm today at 1-877-405-4313 to learn exactly how we can help you and your family seek the justice that your child deserves.

Newborn Wrongful Death Lawyer in Dallas
Infant Wrongful Death Caused by Medical Malpractice

The birth of a child is an auspicious occasion that’s full of hope for parents, as well as extended family. What happens though if the child does not survive the delivery process? While sometimes these tragedies occur due to uncontrollable reasons, quite often the truth is the complete opposite.

Infant death during delivery can can be attributed to various causes. One of the most-common causes of wrongful deaths at birth is medical malpractice. That being said, these type of cases can be very complex. You must be able to prove that the healthcare professionals present at the time of delivery did not adhere to the required and expected level of standard of care expected from them.

Our team of attorneys has considerable experience litigating birth injury and wrongful death cases in the State of Texas, and we can investigate the facts of your case for no charge to you. In fact, we never ask you to pay us anything out of pocket. The only way our law firm gets paid is if we’re successful at recovering you and your family compensation through an out-of-court settlement or jury verdict.

Here are some of the ways that a newborn infant’s death may be tied to medical negligence:

  • Uterine Rupture – This somewhat-common occurrence happens when the mother’ uterus tears, causing untimely delivery and heavy bleeding. This puts both the baby and mother in danger. Doctors are supposed to work hard at saving both individuals by performing a cesarean section (c-section), a laparotomy, as well as fluid and blood transfusion, all the while monitoring the vital signals of both mother and baby. Should the attending doctors and nurses fail to carry out these life-saving procedures, they potentially open themselves up to liability.
  • Forceps Delivery – Sometimes, due to a baby’s overall size or cranial circumference, an infant may get stuck in the birth canal. This may necessitate the use of forceps and clamps to maneuver it out of the womb. Doctors may sometimes use excessive and an unreasonable amount of force, causing injuries to vital blood vessels as well as the head of the child.
  • Nuchal Cord – Some babies are born with the umbilical cord wrapped around their neck. In such instances, one can argue that the doctors and delivery nurses should have seen this and taken steps to ensure a safe delivery.
  • Overmedication – Excessive medication such as pitocin or sedation during the labor process (in an attempt to lessen pain or induce contractions) can affect the baby’s young biological systems, overwhelming them and potentially leading to brain damage or even death.
  • Oxygen deprivation – Asphyxiation during delivery can lead to hypoxia, a term which means loss of oxygen to vital body organs such as the brain. When these organs stop receiving oxygen, massive cell death occurs, leading to neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy, multiple organ failure, and even death.

Leave no stone unturned.

While not all infant fatalities are caused by medical malpractice, one should make sure that all bases are covered in an effort to find out what really happened. If incidents of medical negligence are never addressed, what’s from stopping a similar preventable even from occurring to other families in the future?

Ever since highly-controversial tort reform measures were enacted in 2003, medical malpractice cases in Texas have been much more difficult to settle out of court. To have the best chance at success, you will need a competent lawyer in Dallas, Texas who has actual experience litigating infant wrongful death cases before. You need an attorney who isn’t afraid to carry out an extensive investigation in order to get to the truth. If you have an inkling of doubt, reach out to us and we’ll explain your options as well as how we can help. Please call us 24 hours a day at 1-877-405-4313.

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