Paying the Costs of Cerebral Palsy in Infants

While the severity of cerebral palsy varies significantly from one individual to the next, any baby with this injury will need extra medical care. This baby injury can result in very severe effects, though not all cases are completely debilitating. Most often, however, there will be significant issues with motor control. This can manifest in ways such as having trouble holding pens and pencils or other small objects or the inability to perform most everyday tasks. Depending upon the severity of the injury, someone affected by CP may be completely disabled.
In many cases, mobility is severely impaired. In the case of dyskinetic cerebral palsy*, for instance, the affected individual may have difficulty keeping their balance. Oftentimes, this means using a wheelchair or another type of mobility device to get around. This type of cerebral palsy also has significant effects on motor control. Individuals with dyskinetic CP may have a hard time using eating utensils, basic tools and other small objects, even if they’re not mentally handicapped in any way. In some cases, however, there are severe learning disabilities that come with CP that make caring for individuals who sustain this birth injury even harder.
Finding cerebral palsy help can be expensive. You may have to hire someone to take care of your child when they’re at school and, in very severe cases, the bills may include a lot of equipment and professional attention to help your child. This is simply out of the realistic economic capabilities of some families. Some of those families seek a jury award by filing a claim against the medical facility that provided birthing services. In some cases, the medical provider may be liable for the birth injury and, thus, compensation may be available through the court system.
A cerebral palsy lawyer will need to review your case to see if it’s worth pursuing. Not every case of cerebral palsy could have been prevented, no matter how much medical intervention was involved. This birth injury can occur due to natural causes and, because of that, there is no guarantee that any suit filed for this reason will win. Cerebral palsy, however, is an incurable condition and will require a lifetime of treatment. In order to help with those costs, some families opt to proceed with a suit to see if they can recover financial compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering.



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