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Cerebral palsy is a debilitating condition of the muscles that results from a brain injury. Cerebral palsy causes a host of issues with controlling the muscles, speech, learning, and other parts of life. Many of the parents whose children end up suffering from cerebral palsy contact an attorney to speak about filing a lawsuit. Birth mistakes that result in a child suffering a brain injury are not things that a parent should have to endure on their own. There are three significant reasons why you should consider filing a lawsuit if your child has suffered this injury as a result of medical negligence, and they are certainly not the only three reasons.

1: Expenses

No matter how much income you have or how good your medical insurance is, there will come a day when your child will face paying for their care on their own. While they will likely be eligible for various types of assistance, this is sometimes inadequate to provide them with the best possible care. A jury award or a settlement can sometimes provide enough money to make certain that the child will always have enough to provide for themselves.

2: Physician Responsibility

Because doctors are responsible for the well-being of their patients, it makes sense that they should be held responsible when they fail in their duties. Filing a lawsuit in civil court is one way that patients can hold their physicians accountable for rendering negligent care. Remember that negligence doesn’t mean incompetence. You might have the best pediatrician in the world, but they have to be a competent and effective healthcare provider single time; doctors are not afforded leeway in this regard.

3: Pain and Suffering

While there are more effective treatments for cerebral palsy than there have ever been, anybody who suffers from this condition will also suffer from a great deal of pain and will endure a diminished quality of life. Sometimes, pain and suffering constitutes a major portion of the jury award sought by the plaintiff in a civil action. Your attorney can help you come up with a sum that is realistic for the amount of pain and suffering that your child has endured due to someone else’s medical negligence.
Aside from these reasons, there are many more to consider filing a lawsuit if your child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a result of negligent medical care on the part of a physician or a healthcare facility.

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