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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

A widely reported incident in July involved a man whose sister was killed in a car wreck.

According to reporting by the Baltimore Sun, the claim involved a woman whose parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit after their daughter was struck by another vehicle, causing hers to careen into a light post and taking her life.

casket - iStock_000003471582XSmallThe victim’s brother was upset with one of the insurers involved in the case and he went online to share his concerns. Within a very short amount of time, the story was picked up by several different online outlets and, through social media, the general public had begun to offer support to the man.

Soon enough, people were threatening to drop their accounts with the insurer in question. The insurer responded with sympathy for the victims but maintained that they felt that they had acted appropriately in the case.

Online comments could damage case.

While the incident may have brought to light the fact that people really can reach out on the Internet and find like-minded people to support them, it does reveal something that could be a liability in many auto accident claims. Even if you have the top rated car accident attorney in your area working for you, you have to make certain that you limit the amount of communications you engage in about any claim that you are in the process of having heard.

Use your attorney, not social media.

The classic cliché about an attorney not wanting their clients to speak to anyone unless it’s through them holds true, in most cases. Most attorneys would rather that you had them do all of the communicating for you, so that you don’t inadvertently say something that might go against you in court.

Speak to friends and family in person.

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by an insurance company because they should’ve paid out on a claim that they refused to pay out, you need to speak with an attorney, not the Internet. You may find people to agree with you and you may even find similar stories from other people, but none of this is going to help you in court. Those you trust the most, like close friends and family, can listen to your concerns in private face-to-face communication. Online talks can be passed along quickly and include strangers that you may not have wanted to share your personal information with.

If an insurance company owes you money and they’re refusing to pay it, talk to an attorney and ask them if they feel like filing a lawsuit might help you to get compensation. If they do, they may take you on as a client and, if that happens, make sure you refrain from talking about the case without their approval.

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