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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

No matter how well you drive, there will be occasions where someone will become a threat to you on the road. It may be because you come up on a wreck in progress or it may be because you simply have a distracted moment. Some basic driving skills can help you avoid a Dallas car wreck.

Skill #1: Learn to plan an escape route.

At any time when youre on the road, you should be aware of where youd veer off if something became a threat directly in front of you. This is called planning an escape route. Make sure you pay attention to the open avenues of escape around you, not just to the cars in front of you.

Skill #2: Learn how to use your brakes. toyotaprius

You may want to consider taking a defensive driving class for this. Yes, you probably know that youre not supposed to slam on your brakes and lock them up in an emergency. However, youre probably going to do just that unless you spend some time retraining your natural reflex, which is to slam on the brakes, hard.

Skill #3: Know how big your car is.

A lot of drivers really have no concept of how much space their car takes up. People usually complain about this when theyre being crowded out of a lane by an SUV. Knowing the actual size of your vehicle helps you to understand escape routes better and helps you to avoid tailgating or otherwise crowding other drivers.

Skill #4: Keep your head on a swivel.

Your head should move when you check behind or alongside your vehicle. The rule of thumb is that your mirrors always lie. Mirrors only give a partial picture of whats alongside or behind you, even if theyre the specialized type that shows a wider area.

Good driving skills can keep you out of wrecks, but nothing can really save you from negligent drivers in some cases. If youve been injured, have lost someone or have lost your vehicle due to someone who didnt know how to drive, call a Dallas auto accident lawyer. They can help you by examining the accident, determining how it happened and, if the other driver was negligent, by going after that driver for monetary compensation in court. Some attorneys work on contingency, so don’t let money stop you from calling.

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