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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

elderly woman eyes closedInstances where somebody is being abused at a nursing home are seldom isolated cases. Most of the time, if the nursing home isn’t intervening to prevent the abuse of one patient, they are probably failing to intervene to prevent the abuse of other patients, as well. This means that the people who are being abused may be put at even more risk of being harmed because of the abusers not being held accountable for what they are doing to the residents of the nursing home. Abusive nursing home facilities tend to have long-term problems that are not remedied by one intervention.

Histories of Abuse

Most of the time, when somebody brings a lawsuit against a nursing home because of abuse or neglect, that lawsuit only represents one instance of abuse. There also may be a pattern of lawsuits over a long period of time that have been filed against the same nursing home facility. Nursing home facilities that do not take measures to stop abuse can end up becoming places where abusers are able to stay employed and find new victims on a relatively constant basis. This means that the facility itself may be a menace.

There are many different reasons that nursing homes end up allowing abuse to go on under their roofs. For example, the nursing home may be run by a corporation that doesn’t particularly care about the people that they have at their facilities and that cares much more about how much money they make. If profits become more important than people in a nursing home setting, a scenario can be created where cost-cutting leads to opportunities for abusers and, in some cases, outright neglect of the residence of the nursing home. There are other reasons that abusive situations are created, as well.

If somebody you love was the victim of nursing home mistreatment, you can make certain that the next facility that they reside in is of a higher standard of quality. Take a look at the history of the nursing home, see if they have had lawsuits pressed against them and make sure that there are no complaints against them with any state licensing agencies. If you want to try to recover damages from the nursing home that abused your loved one, contact a lawyer for nursing home abuse cases. They can help you file a lawsuit and, if it is successful, you may receive a substantial jury award or settlement.

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