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Daycare Abuse Myths

Texas daycare abuse myths debunked: shedding light on misconceptions and sharing the truth

When you drop your little one off at a daycare center each day, you are putting your trust—and your child’s welfare—into the hands of others. While building trust with your childcare provider is essential to your daycare dynamic, it’s also important to remember that the dangers of daycare abuse and neglect remain. Don’t be caught off guard by common daycare center abuse and neglect myths:

Daycare Abuse Myths
Daycare Abuse Myths

Myth #1: Surely my Texas daycare is licensed and meets the minimum standards under Texas law.

Just because the daycare center has been operational for several years, or just because they say they are licensed, does not mean that they actually are! Be sure to look up your Texas childcare center to verify that it is licensed and that its license has not been revoked or suspended. If your daycare is not licensed, it is not regulated. That means that your child could be supervised by someone with a criminal record, someone who is untrained, or someone with a history of pedophilia.

Myth #2: I don’t need to worry about daycare sexual abuse because my child is a boy.

The parents of little girls often ask important questions about the history of their child care providers, exactly who their child will be in contact with throughout the day, and how their child will be supervised. The parents of boys should be equally as cautious and thorough. Also remember to teach all of your children, not just your girls, age-appropriate information about sexual abuse, their private areas, and who to tell if something inappropriate happens or makes them uncomfortable.

Myth #3: If my daycare doesn’t have a history of abuse or neglect, I don’t have to worry about my child’s care.

All too often we write about cases of physical abuse, verbal abuse, and sexual abuse that take place in childcare centers with no history of abuse or other problems. These instances of neglect and abuse could be caused by a new employee or could simply have gone unreported for years. Even if your daycare has a stellar record, look for abuse and neglect red flags and never let your guard down.
Understanding these myths shouldn’t cause you to become paranoid or alarmist. It’s should help you to stay mindful of potential dangers that can arise at any daycare center and help you learn how to identify signs that something is just not right. If you believe that your child has been the victim of daycare abuse or neglect, call the attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm today.

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