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Daycare Abuse Statistics


Facts and statistics on daycare child abuse in America.

Daycare Abuse StatisticsChild abuse in America takes on many forms, and the statistics tell a very unsettling story.
According to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System, more than 3.5 million reports from CPS agencies were received in 2013 alone. These reports involved more than 6.4 million children. The majority of these reports are for neglect, followed by physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and medical neglect trailing closely behind.
In fiscal year 2016, the Department of Health and Human Services reported 1,700 fatalities resulting from child maltreatment; a 7 percent increase from the 1,589 reported fatalities in 2015. What’s worse is that the commission (citing gaps in how data is compiled) suggested that the actual number of abuse-related fatalities may closer to 3,000 a year.
The biggest increase in child-abuse-related deaths was in Texas, where fatalities jumped from 162 in 2015 to 217 in 2016 (a 34 percent increase). In 2017, there were 172 confirmed child abuse and neglect-related fatalities (a 22.5 percent decrease over 2016).
Physical abuse fatalities in 2017 dropped to their lowest numbers since 2010, and decreased by nearly 32% over last year. At least seven children in Texas who died from abuse or neglect in 2017 were being cared for by illegal daycare operations.

Abuse in daycare.

There are thousands of daycare centers in the country that are licensed to care for children. That being said, some of these facilities harbor abusers who have easy access to our children, giving them the opportunity to carry out heinous acts of child abuse.
Data from 2006 (gathered from a collection of 39 states) showed that 5,321 daycare providers were found to be abusing and neglecting children in their care.
Child Abuse Statistics and Demographics:
It’s estimated that boys and girls are equally likely to be victims of child abuse:

  • A 2005 report states that 47.3 percent of all abused kids were male, while 50.7 percent were female.
  • The age group most likely to be abused is children between the birth and 3 years of age.
  • The same report states that 49.7 percent of all child abuse victims were white, 23.1 percent were African-American, and 17.4 percent were Hispanic. American Indians accounted for 1.2 percent of abused children, while Asian-Pacific Islanders accounted for less than 1 percent of victims.

Whether a child is being abused at home or at the daycare center that they attend, it’s important that you as a loved one or community member do something to stop these occurrences from happening. Report abuse to your local Child Protective Services as well as the county police so that they can take immediate action to remove the child from harm’s way.
Make sure to document everything, take photos of injuries as well as witness testimony with the help of your lawyer in order to have a strong case against the perpetrators of abuse. In addition, keep an eye out for signs of child abuse such as changes in behavior, aggression, sleeping habits as well as scratches, bumps and bruises that never seem to heal.

Seeking legal recourse for daycare abuse.

Child abuse has the potential to negatively impact a child’s psyche over a long period of time, spilling into other areas of his or her life. Through a daycare abuse lawsuit, your child may be able to recover the compensation needed for therapy and other expenses related to this heinous act of abuse.
Please contact Rasansky Law Firm today at 1-877-405-4313 for your free consultation on how we can help punish the perpetrators and recover compensation for you and your family. Our firm takes these cases on contingency, meaning that you never pay a cent unless we actually recover compensation.

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