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Unlicensed Daycare Facilities

A Houston area daycare operator has been accused of sexual abuse against two children and authorities are looking for more victims. According to reports from KHOU and the Harris County Sheriff’s office, the case involves an aggravated sexual assault of two children and involves children who were left at the home daycare facility operated by the accused and his wife.

Horrifying evidence of abuse.

The charges involve children being struck, locked in closets and being forced to perform sexual acts on the accused. Investigators found that the stories told by the children were believable and that they were detailed enough to constitute reason to level the accusations. One of the children interviewed said that other children at the daycare center were subjected to similar abuse by the accused, according to the reports.

Emotional abuse and neglect.

Child abuse can occur at any daycare facility. Fortunately, even though it’s never an acceptable situation, it doesn’t always involve sexual abuse. Various forms of negligence can affect children, including not providing them with adequate supervision that leads to injuries, not providing all of the services that are being paid for by the parents and other oversights. In the very worst situations, however, children end up being abused, sometimes in deplorable ways.

Criminal justice is only the beginning.

The criminal charges filed against an abuser obviously have the effect – if they are found guilty and convicted – of getting that abuser out of society and providing punishment for their crimes. The criminal charges, however, and any subsequent punishments, do very little for the families that were actually victimized by the abuser. Those families are saddled with a very high costs of having to provide adequate care for their children after the fact and, of course, the families end up paying for the services of a facility where their children were in fact abused.

Find the right advocate.

Choosing a day care abuse lawyer is a very difficult decision. Aside from the fact that it involves a very ugly situation that no parent ever wants to deal with, it also involves selecting an attorney who will be responsible for getting compensation for your family after the abuse has been stopped. It’s important to select an attorney with experience and an attorney who, in addition to experience, has a track record of winning cases for their clients.
There are limitations on how long you have to act as far as filing a lawsuit is concerned. Speaking with an attorney as soon as possible is always advisable in these situations.

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