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US States with the highest rates of daycare abuse.

Daycare abuse is a horrifying occurrence that we hate to imagine happening to any child, but we usually think of bruises, broken bones and emotional distress when we hear about these kinds of situations. What we fail to consider is that many children are killed in abusive situations and some of these occur in daycare centers.

Daycare Abuse Statistics
Daycare Abuse Statistics

One recent report lists the states with the highest abuse rates. These are:

  • Kentucky
  • South Dakota
  • Florida
  • Nebraska
  • Missouri

The child abuse statistics for Kentucky are currently more than four deaths per 100,000 kids.
With 41 deaths due to child abuse in 2007, Kentucky and many other states have good reason for concern. Most agree that a good first step toward correcting the problem is education in the area of child abuse and neglect.
One resource even reports that the non-profit group Every Child Matters Education Fund has asked the state to disclose details of the children’s deaths in order to help educate the public. In the case of daycare abuse or daycare neglect it is important that parents pay close attention to signs of possible abuse and thoroughly investigate any concerns. Aside from the more obvious physical signs (bruising, broken bones, cuts), there are behavioral changes for parents to watch for. If a child is exhibiting uncharacteristic behavior or suddenly has an adverse reaction towards going to daycare, exploration is warranted.
The possibility of daycare abuse is something that we do not like to consider and daycare deaths even less so, but staying informed is the best defense. If your child has been harmed in a daycare abuse or neglect situation it is important to seek out a qualified attorney. Our team has extensive knowledge in child abuse cases and would be happy to offer you a free evaluation of your case by calling us at 1-877-405-4313.

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