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Drunk drivers are among the most dangerous hazards to be found on Dallas roads and highways. All too often, they’re the causes behind a fatal car accident.

If you’re not certain whether or not a driver in front of you is drunk, watch out for the following three signs.
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1: Drunk drivers tend to stop and go erratically.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll notice them doing this in a parking lot before they’re actually out on the road. This is a very good sign the driver’s inebriated. Be especially wary of drivers who stop suddenly before turns or at intersections. Chances are, they had a few too many to drink and the reflexes are dulled.

2. Drunk drivers have a very dangerous habit of going either way too fast or way too slow for the road that they’re on.

While speed limits most certainly have the force of law behind them, people do tend to treat them as more of a traffic tip than a traffic law in everyday life. There is, however, a sensible range that people tend to stick to within the posted speed limit. If you see someone going way over or way under the speed limit, it’s a good sign that they may be drunk and that you should probably keep your distance as much as possible. If they’re driving aggressively and coming up behind you, just let them pass.

3. Drunk drivers tend to swerve unexpectedly.

The most lethal aspect of this is the fact that it makes them very difficult to pass safely. You never know when they’re going to cut into your lane or when they’re going to decide that the turn immediately ahead of them is the one that they need and that they need to cross three lanes to make a right or left. They also tend to wander within their own lane. Anyone who is having a hard time keeping their vehicle moving in a straight line is likely a very novice driver or a very intoxicated driver. It’s generally safer to just assume the latter.
A good personal injury attorney is absolutely someone you should call if you’ve been injured by a drunk driver. Not only is the driver subject to criminal penalties, you may be able to sue them for compensation for your injuries, your pain and suffering and for your destroyed property.

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