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One of the most difficult situations you could possibly find yourself in is one where you have a friend who wants to get behind the wheel when they’ve had too many.

People who are intoxicated can be truculent, obstinate and, in some cases, they can become spontaneously violent and lash out when people won’t accept their compromised judgment as competent.
A popular viral video on the Internet showed one friend physically striking another, knocking him unconscious, to prevent him from getting behind the wheel. This, legally, is not acceptable. Whether or not the person was drunk, what went on in the video was most certainly assault. There are better ways to stop friends from driving drunk.

Take their keys.

If you’re having a party at your house, and you know people are going to be drinking, take their keys in advance. Let them know that they need to make accommodations to either stay over or have a designated driver to get them home. This way, you don’t have to worry about having an argument with them after they’re drunk and trying to get them to agree with something sensible after they are out of their senses.

Drinking and Driving
Preventing Drinking & Driving


Call a taxi.

Sometimes, if you just call them a taxi and tell them that you’ve already paid for it and that it’s going to take them home, you can guilt a drunk into taking the taxi instead of driving. After all, if you’ve already put up your money for the deal, you have that to use against them. People who are intoxicated are famous for telling you how much they love you, give them a chance to prove it by accepting your gift of a ride home.

Go out in groups.

Most of the time, it’s not too difficult to get at least one of your friends to agree not to drink for a night and to serve as the driver. Not only does this prevent people from having to drive themselves home – possibly after having had too many – it also just makes it easier to get out and about. Plan activities as a group and there is less chance that anybody will be motivated to get behind the wheel drunk.
Sometimes, no amount of persuasion will prevent a drunk from getting behind the wheel. If and when they injure somebody in a DWI accident, they may find themselves facing down a car accident attorney like us in court. If such an individual has injured you, contact a Dallas car wreck lawyer about your legal options.

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