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If you like the nightlife or work late, you should learn to be safe on the roads after hours.

There are some risks that go along with late night driving and, because of that, you need to be prepared.
Drunk drivers are all over when the bars and the nightclubs shut their doors for the night. This means that you have to be extra cautious. Drivers who wish to avoid drunk drivers should steer clear or bar districts around closing hours, stay off of the main highways close to (and after) last call, and take extra caution on weekends—and especially holidays.

Avoiding drunk pedestrians.

Avoiding Drunk Drivers
Avoiding Drunk Drivers

Pedestrians are bigger hazards at night than they are during the day. In addition to the fact that they may have had a few too many, they may be wearing dark clothing and may not really be paying attention to traffic. If you’re in a nightlife district, be careful of pedestrians jumping out from between parked cars or even running.

Designate a driver!

If you’re planning on going out and having a good time, take a designated driver. Designated drivers can even get non-alcoholic drinks for free in most establishments. Remember, however, that your designated driver is not your babysitter.
Some people consider having one an excuse to really let loose and have too many drinks, but that can still create a dangerous situation for the driver who’s trying to get a car load of very intoxicated people home. Work out in advance what your friends’ expectations are.

Alternative transportation.

Too drunk to drive? Call a taxi cab, a friend, or use a rideshare service like Uber/Lyft. There are some services you can use that will give you discounted or free rides home via a taxi, and some bars even offer free transportation for those who are too intoxicated to drive.
Make sure you always have a backup plan. A cab ride can be expensive, but a DWI will cost you thousands of dollars, a lot of time and effort, and may even prevent you from gaining employment in some industries. Worse than that, you could cause a DWI accident and hurt or kill someone else. Driving while intoxicated is NEVER worth the risk!
If a drunk driver ends up causing you physical harm, be sure to contact are personal injury attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm. Even if you’re not sure if you want to pursue a claim, we can explain your options moving forward at no cost. Call us at 1-877-405-4313.

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