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If you are a victim of drunk driving in Texas and you have suffered personal injury due to the negligent driving of the other driver, then you are entitled to receive compensation for your injuries and suffering.
drunk driving accident lawyer can help you with your claim, and we’re available for a free consultation by calling 1-877-405-4313. You personal injury lawyer will guide you through the legal formalities in filing such a case. In addition to your damages, the drunk driver may be forced to pay punitive damages will in excess of your actual losses.
Please do not drink and drive in the great state of Texas, or anywhere for that matter. In addition to causing an accident which could take someone’s live (even your own), you could face severe criminal penalties for such dangerous behavior.

DWI Accidents in Texas
DWI Accidents in Texas

First DWI offense in Texas: If proven guilty for the first time for drunk driving in Texas, the offender is liable to face mandatory jail sentence of at least 72 hours and a maximum of 180 days. Besides this, the offender can face up to $2000 in fines and a suspended license up to 12 months. The driver might also have to provide an annual fee of $2000 every year for 3 years to keep the license.

Second DWI conviction in Texas: If the offender is caught for the second time, causing the same offense he or she can face severe penalties such as 30 days to 1-year jail term and other penalties.  The penalties include up to $4000 in fines, a suspended license for 180 days to 2 years and coughing up an annual fee of $2000 every year to keep the license. Apart from these, the convict has to install an ignition interlock device at his own expense if caught for 2 or more DWI offense within 5 years.

Third DWI conviction in Texas: If the offender is booked for the third time for drunk driving then he or she is liable to serve a prison sentence of 2-10 years and up to 2 years of suspended license. Besides, the penalty amount can rise up to $10,000 and the driver will be required to pay up to $2000 for 3 years to keep his or her driving license.

Refusing to take a breath analyzer test will not help as that can be used against the driver in a court of law as an evidence of drunk driving. If you have been the victim of drunk driving, you should immediately contact a drunk driving injury lawyer in Dallas to gather your claims.

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