The Dangers of Drunk Driving Accidents in Texas: Pursuing Justice and Accountability - Guidance from a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

While communities and governments around the nation have shifted their focus to distracted driving and its numerous causes, drunk driving remains a major problem. Approximately one-third of Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related accident over their lives. Moreover, according to a recent poll, around 2% of Texans acknowledged driving under the influence of alcohol over the previous month. In addition, there were around 500 incidents of drunk driving in the state in 2018.

Clearly, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one of the primary causes of the high incidence of fatal car accidents in Texas. Read more to learn how often these incidents occur in the Lone Star State and how to pursue justice in the aftermath.

How Does Implied Consent Work?

Every person who operates a motor vehicle in Texas automatically consents to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test if the officer has probable cause to suspect that the driver is intoxicated. The term for this law is "implied consent."

If you refuse to take a BAC test, you will face severe penalties depending on your DWI history, including a minimal 180-day license suspension.

Drunk Driving Accidents in Texas

The Dangers of Drunk Driving Accidents in Texas: Pursuing Justice and Accountability - Guidance from a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

Texas is one of the five states where drunk driving is most prevalent. You've likely heard that drinking and driving is never a good idea and causes hundreds of needless deaths annually. Nonetheless, in 2021, there were significantly more drunk driving accidents than in 2020, and early data for 2022 show this trend will continue.

In Texas alone, there were slightly more than 25,200 drunk driving accidents in 2021, resulting in around 1,030 fatalities, or one death that happens every eight and a half hours. Furthermore, traffic experts say that approximately 2,500 people were severely injured as a consequence of these crashes.

Tragically, drunk driving will account for nearly a quarter of all deaths on Texas roadways by the end of this year. To make matters worse, a nearly 10% increase in DUI-related motor accidents occurred between 2021 and 2020.

The pandemic that altered the lifestyle of so many Texans and confined them to their homes for months only partly explains this trend. An increasing number of drivers are getting behind the wheel while impaired by alcohol or other drugs, causing thousands of victims and their families to suffer every year.

DUI Fatalities in Texas

Unfortunately, this increasingly common trend and overall pattern of DUI-related accidents in Texas are not new. Drunk driving has been the major cause of fatal accidents for many decades. According to the Foundation for the Advancement of Alcohol Responsibility, there were about 1,440 accidents and deaths involving alcohol in Texas in 2014.

Tragically, these deaths comprised around 41% of all road fatalities in the state. This is much higher than the national rate of drunk driving fatalities in 2014, which was about 30%.

What Are the DUI Laws in Texas?

In response to these alarming statistics, Texas required almost eight years ago that all DUI offenders implant ignition interlock devices. Recent research conducted by traffic authorities indicates that this may significantly reduce recidivism and associated accidents.

On the other hand, it may not be sufficient to handle the danger presented by repeat criminals and those who have committed crimes without being captured in the past.

In general, the Texas government has tackled drunk driving with vigilance. To protect the safety of all Texans, the government has passed tough DUI laws and legislation.

The legal limit for Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in Texas is 0.08; anything beyond this amount is considered legally inebriated. Even if a driver claims to be sober, breathalyzer testing cannot be beaten. What's more, driving under the influence is not a minor infraction in the Lone Star State; DUI penalties in Texas are rather serious.

  • A maximum fine of $2,000 is levied for a first offense or infraction. Your license may be suspended for up to a year, and you might face up to 180 days in jail if convicted.
  • This offense is penalized by a maximum fine of $4,000 and imprisonment for one month to one year. The suspension of your license might last up to two years.
  • You must pay a $10,000 fine for a third offense and might face between two and ten years in prison. Your license may be suspended for up to two years.

The state of Texas may levy additional monetary penalties of $3,000, $4,500, or $6,000 in addition to the penalty indicated above.

How to Determine Your Blood-Alcohol Content

Meanwhile, there seems to be no association between the number of alcoholic beverages consumed and blood alcohol level. It depends totally on your gender, weight, and other factors; thus, you should avoid estimating after a night out.

No matter what, always be truthful with yourself and err on the side of caution. Do not take any risks; give your keys to a trusted friend if you have been drinking. Call a rideshare service or have a sober friend drive. Even if it is inconvenient, it is the safest choice for you and everyone around you.

Contact the Rasansky Law Firm in Dallas

You might have a viable personal injury claim if you sustained significant injuries after being hit by an intoxicated motorist.

For example, if you or a loved one were injured in a crash caused by a drunk driver who was negligently supplied with excessive alcohol, you might have a first-party liquor liability claim against the business that negligently supplied the alcohol. If the accident resulted in a loss of life, you might also have a claim for wrongful death.

No matter what caused your accident, the auto accident attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm have more than three decades of experience aiding victims. We know what it takes to build a strong accident claim for victims of accidents caused by careless and irresponsible drivers. Our team of trained and recognized attorneys provides our clients with trustworthy legal advice. We're waiting on standby to analyze the facts of your accident and evaluate your legal options.

If a drunk driver in Texas caused your accident injuries, you need outstanding legal representation to recover and rebuild your life. Contact Rasansky Law Firm at (214) 617-1886 for a free consultation with one of our highly qualified and experienced Texas DUI accident attorneys.

Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form on this page. Our drunk driving accident attorneys in Dallas are prepared to help you in seeking justice.



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