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Fatal Car Accident

Two 22-year-old Dallas men were killed in a car crash on Sunday, March 6, at five in the morning, when their car crashed into a barrier, over a bridge, and onto the Central Expressway below.
Texas Police say that alcohol was found in the vehicle and that drinking and driving was likely a factor in the fatal car accident.
According to the Plano Star-Currier, the men, driver Drew Fowler and passenger Benjamin Walker, were driving on the George Bush Turnpike when Fowler turned the car to exit onto the Central Expressway. However, perhaps due to speeding, the car slammed into a barrier and fell onto the southbound lanes of the road below. The car rolled before coming to a stop. Miraculously, no other cars were struck by the vehicle or hit the vehicle after it landed and no other injuries were reported.
The Texas Department of Public Safety, Richardson Police Department, and Plano Police Department will all be involved in the drunk driving car accident investigation.

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