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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

Tips on finding the BEST car accident lawyer in Dallas.

There are a ton of lawyers in Dallas, but not all lawyers are created equal. To find the best lawyer for your case, you need to do your research.

Best Car Accident Lawyers in Dallas

The Importance of a Good Lawyer

Some types of car crashes end up resulting in criminal charges for the at-fault driver. These penalties may serve some deterrent purpose and prevent more people from causing the same types of wrecks. Drunk driving laws, for example, are made to discourage people from driving under the influence and causing car wrecks. These criminal penalties may give the victims some sense of justice, but a sense of justice doesn’t help to cover the bills generated by a driver who was negligent and who caused a wreck. That’s where personal injury lawyers come into play.

Contacting a lawyer.

You can learn more from an attorney by contacting them and requesting a consultation. They will usually give you such a consultation for free (we do). These consultations are where they determine whether or not they think they can help you with your claim. If they don’t think they can help you, they’ll politely turn down your case.

Do not give up after speaking to one lawyer. Some lawyers are simply looking for easy cases that they can settle, while others may not have the necessary experience to provide you with solid representation. Look into the law firm’s past case results, find news articles about cases they’ve litigated, and do your research! Find an attorney with whom you feel comfortable, and one which can give your case the attention it needs.

Understanding lawsuits.

car accident injury lawsuit is basically a complaint, filed with the court, that alleges the person being sued did something they shouldn’t have done or failed to do something they should have done that would have prevented the accident. No one is alleging that the person who caused the wreck should have done something heroic or far beyond their abilities to prevent the accident. These claims are based on the person being a normal individual and the regular expectations that people have of such individuals.

Suing for damages.

In order to sue, you (or more-accurately, your attorney) must first determine how much you are demanding from the insurance company. This cannot be pulled from thin air, rather you must be able to prove your damages in court. It is NEVER a good idea to discuss the value of your lawsuit before you’ve completed medical treatment, and no reputable attorney would attempt to do so. There is a process to bringing a personal injury claim, and our attorneys can help ensure that you have the best chance at a successful case.

Your car wreck lawyer may be able to negotiate a settlement with the other driver prior to a lawsuit being filed. This might happen if you have a claim that’s particularly strong. The settlement amount will usually be less than the amount you’re seeking in damages, but the trade-off is that you get cash sooner, avoid court fees, and avoid the uncertainty of trial.

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