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Has a loved one suffered an amputation or dismemberment injury? Let us explain your options.

Next to an injury causing death, amputation injuries are probably the most serious personal injury a person can suffer. These injuries are almost always permanent, and will affect not only the individual but also the victim’s family. There are many concessions that the victim and his or her family must make after such a life-altering event.

Dallas Amputation Lawyer
Amputation Injuries

Amputation refers to the loss or removal of one of the extremities of the body. This may be the result of trauma or through surgery. The body parts that are most commonly subject to amputation injuries are toes, fingers and hands, feet, legs and arms. Sometimes a person may need to face removal of an eye if it becomes seriously injured.
Surgical amputations are not the only types of amputations an injury victim might face. In a serious accident, a body part may actually be torn off. This type of amputation is called traumatic amputation. The most common types of accidents to result in traumatic amputation include motor vehicle accidents (most common involving motorcycles, ATVs, or pedestrians) and work-related accidents, especially where there is dangerous machinery involved.
The adjustment to the loss of a limb is extremely traumatic. For instance, there is physical trauma involved in the injury itself, and the healing process is extremely slow. The injury also has a psychological adjustment because the injured party must get used to life with a missing or artificial limb. Another round of physical pain faces the injured as the amputee begins the process of learning or relearning how to get through daily activities.

Financial recovery.

One of the most important factors involved in recovering from an amputation injury is being able to obtain fair compensation for the injuries. When an amputee receives a fair settlement for injuries, it provides the individual with the ability to:

  • Pay for necessary medical care currently and in the future.
  • Purchase any necessary medical equipment for performing daily activities.
  • Supplement/replace lost income.
  • Cover the costs of rehabilitation and occupational therapy.
  • Cover the cost of psychological counseling (facing an amputation can cause depression, anomie, post-traumatic stress disorder, agoraphobia, and other types of mental health issues).
  • Hire the assistance needed for those things the victim is unable to do.

All of the above things are very expensive, and some of them will be necessary for the remainder of the victim’s life. Income replacement is likely to be the most important, especially if the injury prevents the person from returning to his or her regular employment. A personal injury lawyer can help make this transition much easier.
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