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railroad - iStock_000003052684XSmallAlthough no one was hurt in an Arlington train accident last week, the dramatic Texas train crash has city authorities and Union Pacific officials wondering what they can do in order to increase train safety along the rail line and prevent future injuries.
The train accident took place on October 1 when a locomotive engine traveling east collided with a stationary train near West Division Street. The crash, which could be heard for miles around, ended with damage to three different engines as well as five train cars. Roads in Arlington were closed for over a day following the accident. Union Pacific is still clearing the wreckage of the crash.
Arlington officials stated that the train wreck was an eye-opening event, as 600 people were gathered for a Boys & Girls Club event near the tracks, not very far from the accident site. Councilwoman Kathryn Wilemon said that she took the crash as a warning. Currently, city authorities are working with the train company to brainstorm ways to prevent future accidents.
The Federal Railroad Administration is investigating the accident and looking for the cause of the collision. In particular, the organization is attempting to learn whether fatigue could have been a factor in the crash.
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