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Did you know that 66 percent of all initial Social Security disability benefits claims are denied? While some of those claims are denied for valid reasons in which the applicant did not qualify, many other claims are denied because the applicant made a common mistake on their claim that could have been avoided. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common disability benefits mistakes and what you can do to make sure that your claim is mistake free.

  • Not providing evidence of your disability or your inability to work. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) can’t simply take your word for it when it comes to your physical health and abilities. You must provide them with detailed medical records that show your health conditions and prove you can’t work.
  • Not following your doctor’s treatment plan. You absolutely must take all medications that your doctor prescribes to you and follow any therapies and follow-up that he or she suggests. If you don’t have the means to follow through with these treatments, talk to your physician. To qualify for SSDI and SSI benefits, you must follow doctor’s orders.
  • Re-applying after a denial instead of appealing. It is better to appeal your disability benefits case than to start the process over again – you will likely be denied for a similar reason the second time, wasting money and time. Although the appeals process can be intimidating, it is the best route when fighting for benefits.
  • Not properly describing your responsibilities at work. Many applicants spend a lot of time and energy proving their disability and health issues, but fail to convince the SSA that their disability prevents them from continuing to work. For this reason, it is vital to fully describe your job requirements and how they are affected by your health.
  • Not asking for help from a Texas Social Security disability attorney. If you are getting denied and aren’t sure why, you may need assistance from a legal professional with experience in the area of disability benefits. A lawyer can help you collect evidence to prove your health condition or illness and make certain you follow directions, hit deadlines, and appeal when necessary. To speak with a Dallas disability attorney, call Rasansky Law Firm today.
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