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Burn and Scald Injury Lawyer
Dallas Burn Injury Lawyer

There are three degrees of burns: first-degree burns (which damage the outermost layer of skin); second-degree burns (which damage both the out layer and the first internal layer); and third-degree burns (which damage or destroy the deepest internal layer of skin and the surrounding tissues).
Burns can be caused by a variety of means, such as excessive heat, chemicals, electricity, radiation or even sunlight. Though burn injuries often happen on the job, people can suffer injury resulting from hot liquids, steam, structure fires, flammable liquids and gases. In extreme cases, third degree burns have led to critical scarring, infection, shock and even wrongful death. After suffering a third-degree burn, you must undergo skin graft treatment as the burnt skin will never completely heal on its own.
2.4 million cases of burn injuries are reported each year. Of these, 75,000 are hospitalized and 8,000 result in death.
Burn injuries are astronomically expensive to treat. Oftentimes treatment can last for months, years, or the rest of your life.  Prolonged hospitalization for third degree burns can easily exceed $100,000. Understandably, many burn victims want compensation for their medical treatment and pain and suffering if they were not at fault.
Who is to blame for your burn injury? You as the plaintiff will have to prove that those liable acted negligently, and that the injury was the direct result of a person’s action or inaction.
The plaintiff has to show evidence that the liable party had a duty to keep you from harm, and that they breached that duty. Next, direct or proximate cause must be proven. This means that a lawyer must prove that the burn injury happened directly as a result of the liable party’s action or indirectly, as suggested by “proximate clause.” The severity of the injury must also be proven, as this will directly influence the amount of compensation that may eventually be awarded to the victim.
What are some burn cases in which a personal injury or wrongful death claim could be filed? Your employer could be sued for a burn injury, as well as the manufacturer of a defective product or a utility company. Property owners can be held liable as well as a negligent motorist.
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