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Compartment Syndrome Injuries

To grasp the severity of compartment syndrome, you must first understand that muscles exist in “compartments” that are held together by fibrous tissue known as fascia. An accident such as an car crash can lead to the blood vessels and nerves around these muscles to be compressed within the fascia. This compression, if left to build up just for over 6 hours, can lead to the loss of full function of an arm or leg. Because of this, it’s very important to seek medical attention immediately after an accident, no matter how minor your injuries seem to you.

The term “compartment syndrome” encompasses many different types of similar acute injuries, including crush syndrome, Volkmann’s ischemic contracture, local/limb ischaemia, and phlegmasia cerulean dolens. Compartment syndrome can also lead to much more-serious complications, such as: rhabdomyolysis (a breakdown of muscle tissue that releases a damaging protein into the blood), ischemic infarction, ischaemic necrosis, anterior stroke, and peroneal nerve palsy.

How compartment syndrome occurs.

One way in which compartment syndrome can occur is when a person’s limb is trapped and/or pinned for some time, such as in a crush injury. Poor blood flow to the leg or arm, reestablished once the limb is freed, will cause muscles in that area to swell to overcompensate for the lack of pressure during the time of the impingement. In addition, should you have a blood vessel repaired by way of surgery after an accident, you may experience a buildup of pressure leading to compartment swelling.

Sometimes people suffer from compartment syndrome due to bandages that have been wrapped on too tight (or even a cast that was placed without space for any kind of breathing room). Things such as snake bites, anabolic steroids, and even severe burns can lead to compartment syndrome in some cases as well.

Here are some of the symptoms that may point to compartment syndrome:

  1. Muscle tightness
  2. Bruising and swelling in the affected area
  3. Numbness or paralysis (this is an emergency symptom since it indicates potential permanent damage)
  4. Tingling in the limb
  5. A deep ache in the affected limb
  6. Pain/difficulty moving the affected limb
  7. Limited range of motion in affected limb

Urgent care is vital when it comes to compartment syndrome.

This condition can lead to permanent loss of function, and as such, symptoms shouldn’t be ignored. This is one reason why you should ALWAYS go the emergency room after an accident. It’s important to have any worrying symptoms checked within 6 hours.

Doctors hardly see this syndrome, but expect a diagnosis which involves blood tests to check for any chemical markers which may point to muscle injury or kidney damage. That being said, a doctor will be able to know for sure if you have compartment syndrome by inserting a needle into an affected muscle compartment. This needle is attached to a device which monitors pressure to determine if the numbers are above what’s considered normal.

A surgical procedure called fasciotomy is the preferred method of treatment. This is essentially an operation where fibrous muscle bands are opened to release pressure. The affected arm or leg will be elevated to help drain any blood off the area, and you may need additional surgeries to fully heal.

Compartment syndrome caused by medical malpractice.

If you suffered compartment syndrome due to a failure to diagnose (or a misdiagnosis) and suffered permanent damage as a result, you could have a potential medical malpractice claim. These cases can sometimes be difficult to bring in the State of Texas, but our attorneys are happy to discuss your case and provide you with helpful information — all free of charge.

Doctors and medical professionals are not super-human, and they do sometimes make mistakes. Unfortunately, some medical mistakes often lead to much more-serious complications. When a doctor’s treatment falls below the accepted standard of practice in the medical community, by definition, they’ve committed medical malpractice. If you suffer further harm due to this medical error, by law, you’re given the opportunity to seek compensation for your losses through a medical malpractice claim or lawsuit.

Our law firm is here to help you get the compensation you need to cover your lost wages, pay all your hospital bills (as well as future medical treatment), and compensate you for any pain and suffering you’ve suffered as a result.

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