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How Criminal Acts of Third Persons Happens

At some point in everyone’s lives, you must enter another person’s property to eat, shop, or work. However, what happens if someone is robbed, raped, or murdered while at an establishment? Criminal acts of third persons can occur at restaurants, grocery stores, apartment buildings, and even school dormitories.

How easy is it to become a victim of assault?

In a recent news story from theindychannel.com, an 11-year-old child was used as two men robbed a bank. The incident happened around 11 a.m. at a bank branch in Indianapolis. The two men entered into the bank and took the girl hostage. Pointing a gun to her head, the man approached a teller and demanded money. Only after he received enough money did the robber release the girl and fled the scene.

When a criminal act of a third person involves many victims.

Basketball is a sport that supposed to teach leadership and teamwork. In a news story fromMlive.com, four people were wounded outside a high school basketball game in Mt. Morris Township, Michigan. Three suspects did the shooting. In this incident, the three suspects fired around 25 shots into a crowded parking lot. In the shooting melee, two of the victims were students and the other two were past students of one of the basketball teams playing.

Criminal acts from a 3rd-person at a school.

School is meant for learning and acquiring knowledge. In a news report by news station WSBT, a Georgia Tech student, Eric Mills, was robbed by gunpoint as he was heading toward his apartment. The school has been rocked with crime scenes happening throughout the campus. This incident happened 10 hours after the police made a statement claiming they ramped up security for the school. As Eric was heading home, two men approached him from behind and demanded his cell phone. Fearful for his life, the student threw his book bag down and ran away.
In a separate incident , another Georgia Tech student was shot after a robbery attempt. In a news report by the Georgia Bulletin, Patrick Whaley was shot while struggling with two masked men. Patrick required a 70 percent blood transfusion, suffered broken ribs and a loss of lung capacity. This incident sparked Georgia Tech officials to crack down on violence on the school campus.
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