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When part of an individual’s body becomes entrapped between two objects that are pushed together with enough force, the squeeze the person undergoes will cause what’s known as a “crush injury.” While these injuries are almost always accidental, the vast majority of them are completely preventable and should have never been allowed to occur.

Crush accidents have the ability to cause a variety of injuries that include:

Arm or Leg Crushed
Crush Injury Lawsuits in Dallas

Symptoms and potential complications.

The symptoms an individual with a crush injury will face depend on the severity of the injury. While a minor injury might cause cuts and scrapes, bruising, and even some moderate pain, a major crush injury can result in amputation, paralysis, permanent disability, and even death.

Whenever an individual suffers a crush injury, it often involves serious internal damage. These injuries might include substantial damage to tissues, muscles, organs, and bones. Another potential complication of a crush injury is that it can restrict blood flow to the damaged limb and ultimately cause substantial harm to the muscles and tissues (and possibly permanent numbness or paralysis).

An individual who has suffered a crush injury runs a substantial risk of developing an infection in the muscles and tissues that were damaged. There is also a greater potential of serious skin damage. Sometimes a crush injury will completely remove layers of skin which leaves the wound open (and thus at an increased risk for infection and deformity). If the infection is too severe, it could lead to amputation.

Another potential complication of a crush injury is that of compartment syndrome. This happens due to the long-term deprivation of blood to the muscles and tissues following a crush injury which can cause severe nerve damage. While compartment syndrome usually occurs when an individual suffers from a crush injury to the legs, it can happen in any accident where a part of the body is trapped and compressed for too long.

The first symptom of compartment syndrome is excruciating pain followed by a tingling sensation in the limb; eventually paralysis will set in, after which the victim will feel no pulse in the limb. A visual inspection will show swollen and shiny skin.

Treatment of a crush injury.

There usually is no need for emergency medical attention with regard to minor crush injuries, but for more extensive wounds that include moderate to heavy bleeding, the victim should obtain immediate medical attention including a tetanus shot and antibiotics. Sometimes surgery will also be necessary. Failure to mitigate damages by obtaining quick medical attention could lead to serious medical complications.

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