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One of the hardest things about pursuing a lawsuit over a car wreck is gathering evidence. Even though attorneys have access to experts who are very good at piecing together what happened that led up to an accident, more evidence is always better. Drivers are prepared to gather such evidence, though many of them may not know as much. Here are some tools that you can use.

Your Phone

The first thing you’ll want to do in an accident is call the police. The accident report can provide valuable evidence and the sooner you call it in the better off you’ll be. Get on the phone right away following an accident. When you do call in, make sure you give the license plate number of the other driver when you call. It might prove useful if that driver attempts to flee, which they very well might do.

accident with ambulance - iStock_000001647108SmallYour Camera

Most cellular phones have cameras on them. These can be great tools following an accident. There are some things you’ll want to get pictures of if possible. They include:

  • Skid marks
  • The area where the accident occurred
  • Damage to your vehicle

Don’t endanger yourself by running out into the roadway to photograph skid marks, particularly if the incident occurred on a busy road. The police will usually shut down the road while they investigate the accident, so wait for them. If they tell you not to take pictures, do what they say. The last thing you need is a confrontation with the police. If you believe that they’re violating your rights, that’s something you’re much better off settling in court than on the street where you might get on the wrong side of an officer.
A good Dallas car accident attorney will certainly appreciate any evidence you can bring along to your consultation. When you talk to your insurance company, remember not to admit fault to anything, but don’t be dishonest. “I’m not sure” is always a good answer, particularly because assigning fault is a legal matter and asking you if you were at fault is rather like a doctor asking you what condition you think you suffer from; you simply don’t have that expertise.
Remember to take notes at the accident. Write down plate numbers, the road where the accident occurred, the speed limit and anything else you can think of. You might be surprised at how much this could help your claim.

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