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Social security and disability payments are not always handed out fairly. In some cases, individuals who are seriously disabled and who are unable to work will have their claims denied for no good reason. Many individuals who deserve those payments end up walking away, simply because dealing with the endless bureaucracy is frustrating and intimidating. It’s possible that you can seek legal advice about these issues from a personal injury attorney, who has likely dealt with these agencies on behalf of other clients in the past.
LawGavelDealing with government bureaucracies can be a very time-intensive process. Usually, it’s not that the bureaucracy is deliberately working against you—though it may feel like that—it’s simply that your case gets lost in the shuffle and isn’t given the attention it deserves. There are instances where your claim may also end up being turned down before it’s ever really looked into. An attorney can make sure that your case is reviewed and, if it’s denied unjustly, they can help you press a suit against the government agency to recover your denied benefits, including retroactive payments or other monies owed.
Filing a lawsuit doesn’t mean that you automatically get a payment or that your case is approved. It is one way for you to seek relief from the hardships being imposed upon you. For those who are truly injured but who are also, for some reason, not paid as they should be during their recovery, or because of a permanent disability, these hardships can become extreme. Waiting longer only makes it worse and, generally, it’s best to act on these cases as quickly as possible. Anyone in this situation gets nothing from putting off taking action in their own interests.
Any good personal injury lawyer has probably dealt with Social Security and disability law many times. They’re excellent resources if you’re not getting the payments you deserve. There are some who don’t require you to pay them unless they win your case. If you’re putting off contacting an attorney because you’re worried about money, you can start looking for one who works on contingency and get your case underway. This ensures that you get top notch legal service and that you don’t have to already be rich to get it. These attorneys will take your case as far as the situation requires; to settlement or court.

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