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There are plenty of people out there who have valid Social Security disability claims who don’t end up getting them paid. The reason is usually bureaucratic. When it comes down to it, you’ll have a hard time finding a bureaucracy as complex as the Social Security Administration. If you’re having trouble getting your benefits, you may want to increase your chances of getting them by hiring a Social Security disability attorney to represent you.

Why it Works

If you’ve been dealing with the Social Security Administration for some time, you’re already well aware of the fact that the requirements for getting a disability acknowledged by this administration are extremely complex and difficult to satisfy. Because of that, many people who have a disability but who cannot get the Social Security Administration to acknowledge this end up hiring an attorney.
Attorneys specialize in understanding the law, of course, and all law is complex. Even though the Social Security Administration may be uniquely complex among bureaucracies, attorneys are well equipped to understand these complexities and to understand what conditions you must satisfy to get your disability acknowledged.
The other major advantage in having an attorney represent you is that, if you have to go before a judge to determine whether or not your claim should be honored, the attorney can go with you and argue your case for you. This ensures that you’re not going into court ill-equipped to deal with the types of questions you’re going to face and the requirements that the judge is going to place on you to prove your disability.
People who hire an attorney to handle their Social Security disability claims generally fare much better than those who try to go it alone. Once you file a claim, for example, you have to go through an appeals process if it is denied. Many people make the completely understandable mistake of refiling for the same benefits over and over, which does no good. An attorney will understand where you are in the process of filing for your benefits and will be able to take the next required step to move you along in the process.
Not getting benefits that you need can be an enormous financial hardship. Have an attorney handle this for you and you stand a much better chance of actually getting those benefits and of being able to get your life back together.

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