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Dallas Helicopter Accident Attorney

Our Dallas attorneys can help you and your family seek compensation following a helicopter accident in Texas.

Call us at 1-877-405-4313 and discuss your situation with our aviation attorneys for no charge. We’ll discuss your legal options, as well as how we may be able to handle your case for no out of pocket cost!

Dallas Helicopter Accident Attorney
Helicopter Accident Attorney in Dallas, Texas

What makes helicopters so dangerous is the fact that one small mistake or error could result in a fatal accident. Components are often made by different companies which may not share the same quality standards. This also makes it hard to determine what actually caused a crash unless you’re working with a law firm who can retain a highly-experienced forensic investigator who has many years of aviation accident investigation under their belt.

As one can imagine, the costs associated with bringing a helicopter accident lawsuit and hiring expert witnesses can be extremely high. Luckily, our firm works on contingency. What this means is that you literally never pay us a single penny unless we actually win you money. We will put up the capital to fund your case, and if we win, will recover a percentage of the total award. Under a contingency-fee agreement, you can rest assured that both you and your attorneys’ goals are aligned.

Here are some of the common causes of helicopter crashes:

  1. Mechanical issues: This is mostly due to the malfunctioning of a part which may not have been manufactured according to certain standards, or one which was not properly maintained by the owner/operator.
  2. Operational mistakes: This usually means that the pilot or ground crew did not carry out tasks as required at takeoff, during flight, or when landing. Human errors like these are due to improper training, lax hiring practices, lack of coordination between crew, and dubious environmental conditions.
  3. Electrical issues: Your average helicopter has miles of wires which control different aspects of the craft such as lighting, panel equipment, air pressure sensors and more. Manufacturing defects, not carrying our regular maintenance, flying craft in poor or humid weather, and traversing long distances may all be culprits behind an electrical malfunction.

Helicopter crash liability.

It is important to note that helicopter crashes don’t happen out of the blue or due to “bad luck.” Most every helicopter accident is caused by operator negligence or mechanical failure, and in the eyes of the law, you have every right to seek restitution from those whose negligence resulted in the accident.

Helicopter crashes often result in wrongful death, but sometimes lead to catastrophic injuries involving the head, back, limbs and spine, which and can permanently alter your life’s trajectory. If you’ve been injured or lost a loved on in a helicopter crash, please get in touch with us today at 1-877-405-4313 for a free consultation.

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