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Sex Trafficking Victims Lawyer in Dallas, TX

Victims of human trafficking or sex trafficking may be owed compensation from those who turned a blind eye.

Hotel chains, truck stops, and even some websites which facilitate or turn a blind eye toward human trafficking can, in some cases, be held liable for the victim’s damages through a civil lawsuit.

While most of us would rather believe that human trafficking is a rare occurrence in America, the truth is that tens of thousands of victims are forced into prostitution each year in the United States. It’s estimated that there are currently over 300,000 victims of human trafficking in Texas alone, including almost 79,000 children.

Sex Trafficking Victims Lawyer in Dallas, TX
Victims of Human Trafficking Have Legal Rights

Victims of human trafficking and sex abuse are often left with little to no financial recourse other than victims’ funds. Unfortunately, these funds are sometimes difficult to obtain and the compensation available is almost never adequate.

What many people do not realize is that victims of human trafficking may also be able to file a civil lawsuit against those whose negligence facilitated their exploitation. Truck stops, hotels, motels, and other entities who willfully turned a blind eye or failed to do their due diligence and/or received money as a direct result of human and/or sex trafficking may be liable to the victim(s).

Not only can a civil claim force these bad actors to compensate past victims for their damages, but this type of lawsuit can also set a precedent and help bring legislative changes that will preemptively help others from being exploited in the future.

If you of someone you love has been the victim of human trafficking or sex trafficking in Texas, we ask that you call us at 1-877-405-4313 for a free consultation into your legal options. Our Dallas attorneys will discuss the facts of your case, your legal options, and how we may be able to help. Not only is the consultation free, but we take these cases on contingency. This means that you will never owe us a penny in attorneys fees if the case is unsuccessful. If we do win your claim, any attorneys’ fees owed to us should be paid by the defendant.

Human trafficking ring busted in Texas.

Just recently, a human trafficking case involving a young teenage girl gripped the media in nearby Houston, highlighting how insidiously close to home this issue is. The case in question involved pimps putting up ads on backpage.com in early 2014, alerting a niche crowd of the availability of a new, young girl in the human trafficking market, available for sex. The girl was then booked into a Hyatt hotel room after which she would receive anywhere between 40 to 50 individuals a night.

The girl, who was lured into the seedy world of prostitution and human trafficking by a pimp (who is currently in prison), stated that she was drugged and came to after being assaulted by a number or men.

A carefully-coordinated sting mission, which infiltrated the network, resulted in the rescue of the girl — as well as the filing of a civil lawsuit by her attorney, naming 15 hotel chains, five truck stops, as well as backpage.com (which has now been seized by the FBI) and its CEO as defendants complicit in the exploitation of the girl.

The lawsuit cites a provision of chapter 98 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, which states that victims can hold businesses liable if they intentionally or knowingly profit from participating in a venture that involves human trafficking.

Not only can victims be compensated for their actual damages, they can also pursue compensation for mental anguish, court costs, and attorney’s fees. Additionally, defendants in these cases are held jointly and severally liable, meaning that each and every defendant is liable for the total amount of damages arising from the trafficking.

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