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Sometimes, employers will neglect to pay employees the money to which they’re due. This quite frequently happens where overtime is concerned. In some cases, it really may be nothing more than a simple error but there are other cases where people don’t get any of the money to which they’re entitled or where they get part of it, but where they may not be paid the full amount because their overtime rates are not being paid properly. In the latter cases, employees sometimes do well to get an attorney.

What an Unpaid Overtime Lawyer Can Do

Attorneys can represent you in a lawsuit against your employer to get the overtime benefits to which you’re entitled. Sometimes, just having an attorney will make them pay up, but you may actually need to go to court to get the money you’re owed if the employer is particularly determined to deny you the payments. Attorneys know the labor laws that apply, of course and can make sure that your rights are represented.

Waiting too Long

One thing you don’t want to do is wait too long before you talk to an attorney. The sooner you do it the better. The issue for many workers, of course, is that they’re afraid of losing their jobs. Some employers may keep the employee on their staff but refuse to pay them the overtime that they’re owed. This isn’t fair, by any means, but it’s a situation that plenty of people find themselves in every single day.
If your employer isn’t paying you the money you’re owed, you may, of course, may want to take that as an indication that you should find someone else to work for. It’s not likely that the situation is going to improve if you don’t assert your rights and demand the overtime pay that you’ve earned through your own work.
An unpaid overtime lawyer can consult with you and let you know about your situation and whether or not you should consider filing a lawsuit. Anything you talk to an attorney about is considered confidential, so you don’t have to worry about the lawyer talking to your employer without your permission. They certainly won’t divulge that you scheduled a consultation and came in to discuss the matter. If the attorney believes that you’re in a good position to use for the overtime, they may recommend that you do so and get the money you already earned, but haven’t received.

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