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The best lookout points, scenic views, and historical landmarks in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Whether you’re visiting Dallas-Fort Worth and looking to check out some scenic locations, or you’re just looking for something to do this weekend, we’ve got you covered. While this is in no means an exhaustive list, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 recommended scenic spots in the DFW Metroplex.

Reunion Tower


The design of the Reunion Tower is based upon the rising dome designs that symbolized the work of architect Buckminster Fuller. It is the central focus of the constantly-changing Dallas skyline. It was completed in 1978 and stands alone to symbolize the city.

White Rock Lake Bike and Hiking Trail


This is a great trail that offers plenty of miles of exploration. The trail is 9.4 miles long and is located along the shoreline of White Rock Lake. From the trails, you can link to the Mockingbird Point Dog Park, parking areas, the White Rock Creek Trail, and various playgrounds. You will find an area with water fountains near the Mile “0” marker at the northern end of the trail. This green area is perfect for those who enjoy jogging or bicycling.

Stevens Park Golf Course


Stevens Park Golf Course underwent an $8 million renovation before reopening to golfers. The purpose of the course’s redesign was to afford better views of the Dallas skyline and to slow any potential erosion of the Coombs Creek. During the early morning and late night hours, it is not unusual to find walkers and runners exercising along the paths within the golf course.

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens


The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens boasts 120 acres of beautiful plants, trees and flowers. It includes a variety of native Texas trees in addition to some beautiful landscaping. Some visitors consider it to be an arboretum instead of a botanical garden.

Log Cabin Village


Log Cabin Village offers visitors a chance to experience a piece of Texas’s historic past. This rendition of the past includes “settlers” in cabins who portray life the way people lived during the era depicted. If you visit during the Christmas season, you will even see an old time Santa. Within the village you will find a blacksmith shop, a smokehouse, and woodworking shop.

St. Patrick Cathedral


This beautiful remnant of the past is located behind the Omni Hotel and was restored approximately a decade ago. It is decorated with stained glass windows and beautiful old statutes. St. Patrick is the oldest church in Fort Worth, and at one time it was also a school.

Exchange Avenue


Exchange Avenue is a must see for those who are interested in viewing a piece of the old west in Texas. It offers brick sidewalks and a cattle drive two times a day. Walking through the Stockyards will give you another taste of the Old West history of Texas.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial


Whether you actually remember that tragic day in 1963 or not, you will likely find this memorial a fitting tribute to the memory of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The memorial is located right outside the hotel where President Kennedy spent his last night and gave his last speeches before his tragic assassination.

Fort Worth Cultural District


Fort Worth’s cultural district offers a variety of museums that will take you several days if you wish to see them all. With so many things to do within walking distance, it’s a great way to spend a rainy afternoon or just spend some time engaging in the history of Fort Worth.

Pioneers Rest Cemetery


Those who are interested in history (and visiting cemeteries) will find this is a fascinating visit. You must make prior arrangements as the gates remain locked, but it offers a piece of the history of Texas and its founders.

We’re aware that we’ve left out some pretty amazing locations, so feel free to add to our list by leaving a comment below!


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