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If you’re wondering whether you should hire an attorney to help you with a Social Security claim, there are some very good reasons to do so. Particularly if you’re in the appeals process, having an attorney to help you with your claim can greatly increase the chances that you’ll get the disability benefits you’re seeking.

Dallas SSDI Lawyers
Dallas Social Security Disability Lawyers

An individual who has a physical or mental disability which prevents him/her from working for a year or more may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Social Security Disability Insurance is a part of the Social Security program, which provides monthly payments to people who are unable to work, younger than the full retirement age, and have worked enough quarters to qualify for benefits.

In order to qualify for this program, the claimant must prove that they are disabled under rules set by the Social Security Administration. The administration generally finds the individual to be disabled only when they can definitively show that they are unable to perform substantial employment activities.

Unfortunately for claimants, the government rejects most (about 60%) of initial claims for social security disability. Moreover, the majority of subsequent claims are also rejected, leaving the applicant with no choice but to appeal their case and seek legal representation.

Winning your claim is important not only because of the financial support these benefits deliver, but also because of the medical care that is provided under the Federal Medicare program after eligibility has been granted.

The appeals process.

Anyone who is pursuing benefits, even if they have been previously rejected, is strongly advised to consult with a qualified SSDI attorney. The application process can be very grueling and often takes months to complete, not to mention the reconsiderations, hearings, and unforeseen complications that often result in delays of more than a year.

SSDI appeals can be very long and complex processes, and unfortunately, they are complex enough that it’s hard for someone without training in Social Security law to navigate them successfully.

There are some relatively common mistakes that people make when they’re appealing a claim with Social Security. Among the most common is applying for the same benefits over and over again. This is a waste of time, to put it directly, as the claim must be put through the appeals process once it is denied. Claims that are refilled over and over again do the applicant no good and do not get reviewed as new claims.

The appeals process is very detailed and difficult to navigate. An attorney can help to make sure that your chances of receiving benefits are maximized, and that you have minimal delay in achieving that goal.

Am I guaranteed to win my claim?

An attorney cannot guarantee that you’ll win your SSDI claim, but they can greatly increase your chances of doing so. This is because attorneys understand the law to a degree of detail that ensures they file everything properly, have the right documentation for you to effectively pursue your claim, and they can help you with good advice and counsel at every turn.

Whether or not you actually get disability pay is something that the Social Security administration will have to determine, not your attorney. What your attorney can do is make certain that you are following the procedure exactly, and make certain that you are not being denied benefits to which you have a legal right.

Talk to an attorney about your case.

A Social Security Disability attorney will generally be willing to offer a free consultation over the phone. If you would like to speak with the Dallas SSDI attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm today, call us at 1-877-405-4313.

If money is tight right now – and it probably is – remember that many Dallas Social Security Disability attorneys work on contingency, meaning that the attorney will forego any pay for their services if they fail to win your claim. This means that you can proceed with confidence, knowing that you will be NOT on the hook for legal fees if you don’t win.

The attorney will make sure that everything that needs to be done to increase your chance of having your claim honored are taken care of properly and that you’re not shut out of the benefits that you deserve because of simple errors in filing the claim.

The social security disability approval process can be complicated, frustrating and disappointing without the assistance of an experienced attorney. If you feel that you are eligible for benefits, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-405-4313 or email us using the contact form found on this page. Together, we can discuss your situation and strategy that will help you recover the benefits to which you may be entitled.

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