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Wrongful death Social Security benefits are designed to provide for the survivors of people who were killed unexpectedly. Depending upon the circumstances, the spouse or children may be eligible to receive benefits. If you are a dependent parent of the person who died, you may also be able to apply for benefits and may be approved. This is a complex process and generally it goes much more smoothly if you engage legal representation.

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Wrongful Death Social Security Benefits

Why a lawyer?

The Social Security Administration has a great many rules and regulations that govern who is eligible for benefits and how much they are actually eligible for. Because of this, it’s sometimes difficult to figure out where you fit into the system. If your parent died and you are under a certain age, you may be entitled to receive benefits up until a specific age. If your spouse died, you may receive benefits upon retirement or immediately, depending upon the circumstances.
An attorney can figure out what type of benefits you may be entitled to and how you go about getting them. The real advantage of hiring an attorney is the fact that they will have experience in these matters and they will be able to bring their knowledge to bear in your favor.

Applying and reapplying.

One of the pitfalls that people fall prey to when they are applying for Social Security benefits is applying and reapplying. There is actually an appeals process that you have to go through if your Social Security benefits are denied. An attorney will understand all of the various steps involved in going through this process and what the next part of the process would be for you if your claim is turned down. Having an attorney represent you greatly increases your chances of succeeding at getting the benefits to which you are entitled.
Sit down and speak with an attorney about your situation if you have lost a family member or spouse and need to apply for benefits. You’ll have to have some basic information for the Social Security Administration, such as the death certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate and other applicable documentation. Your attorney will help you to figure out what you need and what investigation needs to be done before you appeal your claim.
The appeals process for Social Security benefits is very complex. Make sure you have good legal representation before you try to go through it and realize that people who go through it on their own seldom get what they’re entitled to.

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