How Often Do Car Accidents Occur in Dallas?

Car accidents and other motor vehicle disasters annually damage hundreds of thousands of Texans. In 2015, the Texas Department of Transportation stated that an accident occurred somewhere in the state every 61 seconds. Tragically, local accident data shows that a substantial proportion of these incidents may be the result of irresponsible and completely unnecessary driving behavior.

Clearly, driving while distracted, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and speeding are among the most prevalent causes of the high percentage of fatal vehicle accidents in Texas. Nonetheless, while assessing the frequency of vehicle accidents in Texas and their primary causes, a variety of other data aspects must be taken into account.

Auto Accidents Rates Across Texas

Several large metropolitan regions have seen an increase in accident rates. In actuality, Houston has between 40,000 and 70,000 auto accidents yearly. In addition, Houston has led the state in vehicle accident injuries in recent years.

How Often Do Car Accidents Occur in Dallas?

According to the estimations of traffic analysts, around ten fatal car accidents occur each week in Houston. Speeding is one of the major contributors to fatal auto accidents and one of the most common causes of crashes. The majority of crashes are ultimately the result of reckless or unpredictable driving by the involved drivers.

Despite being ranked as the city with the worst drivers from 2001 to 2019, the city concedes that it does not have sufficient law enforcement to prevent reckless driving.

In the meanwhile, Dallas has the highest rate of automobile accidents in Texas. The ninth most populous city in the United States is Dallas. Dallas has among the highest accident rates in the state, despite being smaller than Houston and San Antonio. In Dallas, 228 individuals were killed on highways in the preceding year. Moreover, Dallas has the second-highest incidence of fatal vehicle accidents. In the last decade, traffic fatalities in Dallas have increased by nearly 81%.

How Common is Drunk Driving in Texas?

Drunk driving has consistently been the primary cause of fatal accidents in Texas. According to the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, there were 1,446 alcohol-related accidents and deaths in Texas in 2014. In addition, these deaths accounted for around forty percent of all traffic fatalities in the state. This is much higher than the national proportion of drunk driving fatalities in 2014, which was about 30%.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, in 2015, the state of Texas approved legislation mandating the installation of ignition interlock devices in the cars of all DUI offenders. According to the most recent studies undertaken by traffic authorities, this may considerably reduce recidivism and related accidents. On the other hand, it may not be sufficient to handle the danger presented by repeat criminals and individuals who have committed crimes in the past without being apprehended.

Data on Speeding in Texas

In Texas, speeding often contributes to deadly crashes. According to the TDOT, approximately 17,000 incidents involving cars traveling at unsafe speeds or exceeding the speed limit occurred in 2015. These crashes resulted in 398 deaths and over 3,300 injuries. In addition, drivers who failed to control their speed to avoid collisions were involved in over 30,000 more events resulting in over 3,000 injuries and over 160 deaths.

Throughout Texas, excessive speed is not the major cause of crashes, but it may significantly contribute to catastrophic injuries and fatalities. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that drivers have less time to respond to threats and less control over their vehicles while traveling at higher speeds. In addition to releasing more energy, high-speed crashes increase the likelihood of structural damage to vehicles, personal harm, and other severe consequences.

Inattentive driving or driving when distracted is another significant contributor. Data gathered by the DOT in 2015 showed that distracted driving contributed to almost 105,000 automobile accidents in Texas. Over 2,500 of these cases involving irresponsible driving resulted in injuries so severe that the victims were left unable to function, while at least 10,000 resulted in injuries of lower severity. Unfortunately, 422 individuals lost their lives as a result of these disasters.

And according to the most current data released by local authorities, about one out of every five accidents in Texas now include distracted driving. State-level attempts to prohibit the widespread use of mobile phones while driving, a regular cause of driver distraction, have been fruitless for many decades.

Even while certain towns have banned mobile phone usage while driving, it does not seem that this has significantly reduced the frequency of accidents caused by distracted driving in the whole state.

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