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Anesthesia & Medical Malpractice

Did the medical malpractice of a Dallas anesthesiologist cause further injury to you or a loved one?

When patients undergo a surgical procedure, they rely on a team of medical professionals to ensure that they experience no unneeded stress or pain during the procedure. An anesthesiologist is tasked with the responsibility of putting the patient under sedation or numbing certain parts of the body in order to stop sensations of pain. This is crucial in certain types of surgery which are known to be invasive and painful.

Anesthesia is a vital part of surgery.

Anesthesia Error Attorney
Dallas Anesthesia Error Attorney

Anesthesia is a vital part of many different types of medical procedures. Simply put, this is a type of medical procedure which acts on the central nervous system to produce effects such as temporary loss of consciousness, an altered state of consciousness, or numbing of a certain organ or limb. It’s estimated that anesthesia drugs are administered 40 million times in America each year.
There are different types of anesthesia administration:

  • Local Anesthesia -This refers to anesthesia administered to an isolated part of the body such as the nerve providing sensation to certain parts of the mouth and teeth.
  • Regional Anesthesia -This is used to immobilize and numb larger parts of the body such as a limb
  • Epidural or Spinal Anesthesia -This is administered via injection near the spinal cord and is especially useful during labor or spinal surgery.
  • General Anesthesia -In this instance, the patient is put under or becomes unconscious after anesthesia administration.
  • Dissociative Anesthesia – This is usually administered in order to produce an altered or trance-like state of consciousness.

Anesthesia errors.

Anesthesia errors occur in numerous ways. While no medical science is 100% perfect, most of these errors can be blamed on the medical malpractice of an anesthesiologist. Malpractice occurs when the anesthesiologist’s treatment falls below the accepted standard of practice in the medical community, resulting in injury or death to the patient.
Here are a few instances which are often associated with anesthesia malpractice:

  • Not administering the correct amount of anesthesia (too little or too much).
  • Administering anesthesia which then goes on to interact with medication that the patient is currently taking.
  • Administering the incorrect type of anesthesia.
  • Not administering anesthesia in a timely manner.
  • Defective medical devices during medical anesthesia.
  • Not giving patients critical information before administering anesthesia.
  • Discharging patients from operating rooms before the effects of anesthesia have worn off.

The consequences of these errors are far-reaching and may impact patients for a long time to come. The patient may suffer from emotional and physical trauma which may need specialized treatment if they’re to ever fully recover from this ordeal.

Anesthesia & Medical Malpractice
Anesthesia & Medical Malpractice

Common consequences of anesthesia malpractice include:

  • Stroke
  • Blood clot formation
  • Organ failure
  • Permanent paralysis
  • Brain damage
  • Seizure
  • Wrongful death

We may be able to help you and your family.

If you believe that a loved one has suffered injury or death due to an anesthesia error or other form of anesthesiologist malpractice in Dallas, it’s important to get in touch with a qualified and experienced medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible. Most states have a statute of limitations when it comes to such cases, meaning that timely examination and filing of your case may greatly increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome. Please call Rasansky Law Firm today 1-877-405-4313 or fill in the contact form found on this page. We look forward to helping defend your rights and retrieving adequate compensation for your pain and injuries.

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