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Most of the time, people only think of malpractice law as it applies to physician malpractice. A medical malpractice lawyer, however, oftentimes takes cases where the physician is not directly to blame for the negligence that caused the patient to suffer. For example, nurses are responsible for a great deal of a patient’s medical care; even more than doctors, in most cases. They are also liable to be held responsible if their actions or lack of actions constitute an instance of medical malpractice.
Your doctor can be held responsible for negligence under medical malpractice law, as well. Though most people don’t normally think of this, doctors perform surgeries, use anesthetics, offer emergency surgeries and perform most of the other tasks that people normally associate with medical doctors. They can be sued for negligence under medical malpractice claims just as can any other medical doctor.
In some cases, the facility that provided the healthcare may be held liable for negligence. Some healthcare facilities have garnered very bad reputations and, in many cases, the bad reputations stem directly from the facility’s association with poor patient care. If a healthcare facility fails to provide you with competent care, you may wish to speak to an attorney about bringing a lawsuit against them for it.
Medical malpractice law does not apply to many of the alternative practitioners in the world. In these cases, you generally don’t have the same options to hold negligent practitioners accountable as you do when you’re dealing with legitimate medical practitioners. A medical malpractice firm has a great deal of expertise in both the law and in medicine as it applies to the law, but alternative practitioners occupy a gray area, as many of their offerings are not considered legitimate medicine.
If a doctor, nurse, or healthcare facility took you on as a patient and then failed to provide competent medical care, talk to an attorney about filing a lawsuit for negligence. If it goes before a jury, you may stand to win substantial compensation for your injuries, as well as for your pain and suffering. In some cases, however, the physician’s insurance company may want to settle the claim out of court, which means that you don’t have to go before a jury and that you’ll be offered a compromise.

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