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The absolute best way to fight brain cancer and maximize your odds of beating the disease is to catch it early.

Attentive and thorough doctors can correctly diagnose a brain tumor by listening to a patient’s symptoms and then ordering a number of diagnostic tests.
surgery-patientThe symptoms of a brain tumor can include difficulty with speaking,  seeing, or hearing; nausea and vomiting; headaches and migraines; difficulty walking or balancing; changes in personality; seizures; numbness in limbs; and problems with memory. The common diagnostic tests for brain tumors include MRI, CT Scan, Angioram, X-rays, neurological exams, physical exams, biopsy, surgery, spinal tap, and myelogram.
Unfortunately, far too many doctors ignore the symptoms of a brain tumor and fail to order the correct diagnostic tests. In these cases, patients with brain tumors will not receive much needed treatment and their cancer could worsen or spread. In some cases, a patient may even be treated for an alternative disease or condition that they do not have, doing further harm to the patient.
Patients may be misdiagnosed with a variety of medical problems when they actually have a brain tumor. In the past, people have been wrongly diagnosed with migraine headaches, lyme disease, Alzheimer’s disease, meningitis, and even hysteria when in fact they are suffering from brain cancer. In many of these cases, the proper tests were not conducted or the medical professional conducted the tests improperly. In some cases, by the time the correct diagnosis is found, the cancer has spread. In other cases, a patient may be diagnosed with a benign brain tumor when in fact they suffer from a malignant brain tumor.
If you believe you or a loved one has been a victim of a failure to diagnose please contact us today.

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