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Have you suffered further harm due to a foreign object left inside you following surgery? Our medical malpractice lawyers may be able to help.

This week we covered a Galveston County medical malpractice lawsuit that involved a woman who suffered from abdominal pain and discomfort for years after she underwent a c-section at a Texas City hospital. Finally, after six years, the woman discovered that her complications were caused by a foreign object left in the lower-left quadrant of her abdominal cavity – where the cesarean section doctor had left behind a surgical sponge in 2003.

Objects Left Inside the Body Following Surgery
Foreign Objects Left in the Body Following Surgery

Unfortunately, medical malpractice incidents in which foreign objects from the operating room are left behind in patients are more common than we would like to think – or than hospitals would like to admit. In fact, they are most common in emergency operations, operations in which complications arise during surgery, and operations involving obese patients.
The consequences of having an object left behind are extremely serious. A sharp object, such as a clamp, a pair or scissors, or a scalpel, can cut into internal flesh and even puncture organs and cause serious internal bleeding. Other objects, such as gauze or sponges, can very quickly lead to deadly infection, years of pain, and other life-threatening complications. Sadly, many patients deal with these post-operative complications thinking that they are normal – and never guessing that they could be carrying a souvenir from their hospital visit.

How can patients protect against foreign objects left behind in their bodies during a medical procedure?

First and foremost, safety advocates suggest that all patients ask their doctors is there is a protocol for preventing such mistakes, such as an equipment list or surgery checklist. Next, it is very important that you report all post-surgery symptoms and discomforts to your doctor. Finally, understand that this IS unfortunately a somewhat common complication that could indeed happen to you.
If you have been harmed or suffered chronic pain or complications due to a foreign object in your body from a past surgery, you should speak with Texas surgeon malpractice lawyer immediately. Remember: you have two years from the discovery of the malpractice to file a lawsuit and fight for your rights. Call us at 1-877-405-4313 to discuss the facts of your case with our lawyers for free.

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