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When medical malpractice causes an injury, filing a medical malpractice claim is one of the options available to patients. A medical malpractice claim generally has to establish that a doctor owed the patient a duty, that they breached that duty to their patient and that reaching that duty was the primary or proximate cause of the patient suffering an injury or death.
A caring profession
A doctor who is rude, doesn’t keep their appointments or who is generally brusque is not guilty of negligence and is most certainly not guilty of malpractice simply because of these things. An exceptionally rude doctor may actually be a very good doctor. Provided that they uphold their duty to their patients and that they provide high-quality, reliable and competent medical care, the physician is not necessarily guilty of any sort of negligence. There are definitely certain practices that do tend to characterize negligent doctors, however.
Doctors are famous for making a decent living doing what they do. There are some doctors, however, that try to make as much money as possible, even if that means that their levels of patient care suffer greatly. If the doctor doesn’t take the time to work with each of their patients and to accurately diagnose any problems they may have, the doctor may be found negligent by a jury. Most of the cases that are filed for medical negligence involve a treatment, medication or some other active type of negligence. Almost half of the cases, however, are filed over failures to diagnose. The omission of an action that would’ve assisted a patient is generally considered to be a type of medical negligence.
If you believe that a doctor has been negligent in providing your healthcare, contacting an attorney who specializes in this field is advisable. The field of medical malpractice requires a good deal of specific knowledge, access to experts and experience dealing with people who are sharing all of their most intimate medical knowledge and being able to do so with a great deal of compassion. It also requires the ability to effectively argue these cases in front of a jury, which is something that only comes with experience. Experienced medical malpractice law firm may be able to help you file a successful claim against the doctor who failed to uphold their duties to you.

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