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Arlington, TX – Motorcyclist Killed in Truck Crash on I-20

Did you know that:

  • 50 percent of the motorcycle accidents occur because of the negligence of other drivers
  • In the year 2015 nearly 4956 motorcyclists lost their lives in roadside accidents while 88,000 were severely injured
  • Most of the accidents involved SUVs, cars, vans and trucks

Well, the truth of the matter is that if you’re a car driver sharing the road with motorcyclists then it is your responsibility to take certain measures to ensure yours but more importantly the safety of the motorcycle riders. So, here are some important measures that you must take to ensure their safety and to minimize the risk of motorcycle accidents:

1. Keep Space between Your Car and Motorcyclists

Since motorcycles are nimble machines and smaller than other vehicles on the roads, it’s easier for them to navigate through tight spaces that too at high speed. However, what they often forget is that car drivers are unaware of their maneuvers and this exposes them to the risk of motorcycle accidents.
Therefore, it advisable that as a car driver you should keep this in mind that a motorcyclist may make such an attempt. Thus, try to maintain a line of sign with a motorcyclist and give them added length of space when passing by them.

2. Make Sure to Check Your Blind Spots

Among the number one cause of motorcycle accidents is the failure to check blind spots. Since motorcycles are smaller in size they are quite difficult to spot when changing or merging lanes. Furthermore, the rider and the motorcycle’s shape is often more likely to blend into the images that are seen in the side and rear view mirrors.
Hence it is recommended that as a car driver, you must take time before changing or merging lanes and devote several seconds to search each of your car’s blind spots before proceeding.

3. Keep the Weather Factor in Consideration

When you’re driving in bad weather conditions, you need to be extra cautious of who is sharing the road with you. Not only does bad weather reduce your own visibility but may also make it extremely difficult for you to spot motorcyclists sharing the road.  Furthermore, slippery road conditions, fog and rain can have drastic changes in the handling of a motorcycle. So, it is advisable to give extra room to motorcyclists for corrective actions.

4. Stay in Your Own Lane

Motorcycles are entitled to their own traffic lane so under no circumstance you, the auto vehicle driver, should drive in the same lane or in close proximity to motorcycles. If you do so, accidents will be inevitable.

5. Intersections can be Dangerous

When intersecting follow safety protocols such as come to a complete halt and view as well as obey posted traffic signals and signs. Also, make sure to look both ways and proceed slowly.  These measures can reduce the chances of motorcycle accidents significantly.

6. Be Careful When Turning Left

Taking a turn to the left can be extremely tricky especially when traffic volume is heavy. Furthermore, you may also have difficulty when seeing due to sun glare and because another vehicle is making a left turn opposite of you. Therefore, first scan to determine what’s happening and who is sharing the road with you. Look specifically for motorcycles. If you think that everything is fine then safely make a turn to the left.

7. Be Courteous and Not a Bully

Some large vehicle drivers like pickups and SUVs may feel aggressive when a motorcyclist is in their way. They can at times follow the motorcyclist at a close distance in the attempt to motivate them to go faster. This is dangerous as there is not much breaking distance. Besides this, it can also make the motorcyclist panic and stressed. And they may end up making an unsafe turn or a move putting their lives at risk.
So, instead of being aggressive, try to remain calm and be courteous. Maintain your distance from motorcyclists and try to understand that all drivers regardless of the vehicle size have the same right to be on the road as you.

8. Avoid Distractions

Distracted and drunk driving is also among the top causes of roadside accidents. Thus when driving on the road especially when sharing it with other motorcyclists make sure that you’re not distracted by your phone or any other kind of distraction for that matter. Be sure to eliminate distractions inside your vehicle so that you can pay full attention on what is going outside and on the road.
When distracted by a text message or a phone call you can easily lose focus and increase the risk of accidents. You may not be aware of a motorcycle sharing the road with you and end up hitting them. So, avoid texting or receiving phone calls when driving. You need to stay alert to the motorcyclist’s movement in traffic as they may change their position in a lane to improve their visibility or avoid unsafe road conditions.
By following these measures you can play a vital role in minimizes motorcycle accidents that have become extremely common these days. Besides this, even if the accident occurs you can at least lower your liability as you can prove that you were following all the safety rules and regulations.

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