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Pressure Sores & Nursing Home Neglect

Understaffing in Texas nursing homes is a serious concern.

An investigation conducted by KHOUS News in Houston, Texas, has revealed troubling information about the state of Texas nursing homes as well as what those nursing homes are doing and saying to cover up their dangerous conditions.
The research of the investigative news team found that Texas comes second to last in the country when it comes to nursing home staffing – and that adult care facilities around Texas routinely inflate the number of direct care providers they have on staff to cover up their shortcomings.
Why are Texas nursing homes providing such poor care and so few nurses and aides? Many believe that the issue is tied back to insufficient Texas nursing home laws, which do not outline how many nursing home staffers are needed to create a safe environment for residents. The vague laws make it difficult for state officials to cite care facilities for staff shortages; in fact, only five were found to have sufficient staffing last year despite hundreds of complaints filed by relatives of residents.
Why do Texas nursing homes have issues with staffing? Here are just a few roadblocks to safer care and Dallas nursing home neglect prevention:

  • Cuts in federal funding
  • High staff turnover rates
  • Low wages for staff
  • Poor working conditions for staff
  • Nursing home company greed

The result of staff shortages?-nursing home residents are not given the attention that they need. This could lead to missed medication, dirty conditions, bedsores, malnutrition, mental health issues, and other neglect scenarios. KHOUS interviewed one man, Robert Lampkin, who enrolled his disabled sister into a Texas nursing home. He told reporters that she was the victim of understaffing from the first day she checked in – and that she later died of complications from preventable bed sores.
If you have a loved one who has been harmed or has died due to Texas nursing home neglect or nursing home staffing shortages, contact a Dallas nursing home neglect attorney today to discuss your case. Make certain that the nursing home tied to the harm of your loved one is held responsible and that no other nursing home residents in Texas die in similar circumstances.

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